Ultrasabers Empty Lightsaber Hilts DIY: What you need to know

Ultrasabers allows buyers to purchase all of their hilt designs as empty hilts, which means you can use these hilts for your own do-it-yourself project. That’s great news if you have build your own saber! Many Ultrasabers empty hilts are pretty affordable. The cheapest empty hilt that Ultrasabers sells is only $29.99. Ultrasabers’ $29.99 hilt models are very basic, but nevertheless it’s a pretty attractive price.

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What’s included with an Ultrasabers empty hilt?
Ultrasabers’ empty hilts don’t include electronics of any kind–the metal hilt is hollow and empty. Empty hilts feature a switch hole, but the switch is NOT included. If you’d like to use the hilt as a display piece, you’d have to add the switch to the hilt yourself. The hilt will either have an AV switch hole or a guarded switch hole, which looks slightly different. Some empty hilts allow you to choose whether you’d like an AV switch hole or a guarded switch hole. Other empty hilts only offer AV switch holes.

Depending on the saber hilt model that you choose, you may have other options. For example, you may have a choice of the placement of the Covertec wheel or the color of the Covertec wheel. Sometimes you can choose different styles of screws, pommel types, claws around the emitter, etc. The options available to you depend on the saber that you’re considering.

Ultrasabers empty hilt discounts
Empty hilts are often excluded from Ultrasabers sales, so if Ultrasabers has a 10 percent off saber sale, that will not include empty hilts. Ultrasabers Flash Sales on individual saber models may include empty hilts. Ultrasabers has not included empty hilts in sitewide sales in the past.

If Ultrasabers is having a sale, you might want to consider the price difference between the empty hilt version of the saber and the stunt saber version of the saber. Sometimes the price difference between and empty hilt and a stunt saber won’t be very large. For example, an Ultrasabers Dark Mantis empty hilt is currently $139.99 and the stunt saber version is $179.99, so if there’s a 10% off sale, that would bring the stunt saber price down to $161.99 and that would mean the price difference between the empty hilt and the stunt saber is only $22. So if you’re looking at the empty hilts you might want to check out the equivalent in the stunt saber section to see if a stunt saber might be a better route for you.

The pommel on the majority of Ultrasabers lightsaber hilts is MHS (Modular Hilt System) compatible. Ultrasabers V2 models are a bit different–they’re a thinner saber and they’re NOT MHS compatible. The thinner diameter of the Ultrasabers V2 models can be too small to accommodate some sound modules (Ultrasabers does not manufacture sound saber versions of any of their V2 hilt models).

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Overall, many of the Ultrasabers empty hilts are pretty affordable, although some of the hilts are not much cheaper than a stunt saber. As an alternative to purchasing an Ultrasabers empty hilt, some people will purchase a Grab Bag Saber or a Mystery Box Saber and then gut the saber–whichever model saber they end up getting–for their DIY project.

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