What is lightsaber spinning? | Lightsaber Terminology

Two Ultrasabers lightsabers

Lightsaber spinning is the practice of maneuvering a lightsaber around in circles, curves, figure eights, etc. Spinning can follow a choreographed sequence or a flowing, freestyle format. Either way, lightsaber spinning can look very cool, especially in the dark. Watch What is lightsaber spinning? (Lightsaber Terminology) on YouTube Lightsaber spinning is sort of a hobby within the … Read more

What are the most common lightsaber blade lengths?

lightsaber blade length

The most common lightsaber blade lengths are full size blades, between 32 inches and 37 inches. If you go to the lightsaber Wikipedia page, the entry says that lightsaber blades, as portrayed in the Star Wars films, are about 3 feet long. Watch What are the most common lightsaber blade lengths? on YouTube Although full … Read more

What is a blade cover? | Lightsaber Terminology

CosplayCovers flame day blade covers

A blade cover is a supplemental, decorative lightsaber accessory that slides over a standard, cylindrical lightsaber blade. Here are some Flame Day Blade Covers from Etsy seller CosplayCover [AFFILIATE LINK]. Full disclosure, Cosplay Covers did send me these blade covers for free to review. Watch What is a blade cover? (Lightsaber Terminology) on YouTube Blade … Read more

Shades of Gold: Ultrasabers Gold Color Variations with LE and Premium Lightsaber Hilts

Ultrasabers gold color

Ultrasabers lightsabers exhibit some color variation among anodized gold bands and other elements. Here are three Ultrasabers lightsaber hilts and they’re all LE versions with added anodized gold colored bands. Other Ultrasabers lightsaber hilts also add anodized gold elements, such as Electrum Wind. Watch Shades of Gold: Ultrasabers Gold Color Variations with LE and Premium … Read more

What’s the CHEAPEST lightsaber you should buy?

inexpensive lightsabers

If you’re on a tight budget, what’s the cheapest lightsaber you should buy? The answer depends on several different factors. Watch What’s the CHEAPEST lightsaber you should buy? on YouTube DIRT CHEAP SPACE SWORD AND LIGHTSABER TOYS ($3 to around $40) First let’s look at super cheap to dirt cheap. Some of the cheapest light-up … Read more

What is an activation box? | Lightsaber Terminology

lightsaber from various companies

An activation box is a rectangular lightsaber component that’s typically located within the middle of the lightsaber hilt or possibly a bit toward the pommel of the lightsaber hilt. An activation box is most commonly associated with Original Trilogy lightsabers, including: Obi-Wan Kenobi’s lightsaber, Darth Vader’s lightsaber, and both of Luke Skywalker’s lightsabers. Some custom lightsaber companies … Read more

Saberforge Youngling Sabers: What you should know

Saberforge Youngling Crossguard Saber

Saberforge Youngling Sabers [ETSY AFFILIATE LINK] are a budget sound saber line on the Saberforge website. Youngling Sabers differ from other Saberforge lightsabers in several ways. The primary way Youngling Sabers differ is they’re not manufactured by Saberforge–they are actually manufactured by YDD Saber, which is a China-based custom saber manufacturer. Saberforge rebranded the Youngling … Read more

What does OD and ID mean? | Lightsaber Terminology

lightsaber hilt

If you’re looking into building your own lightsaber as a do-it-yourself project, some terms you’ll commonly see are: OD and ID. OD stands for Outside Diameter and ID stands for Inside Diameter. Both OD and ID are important measurements for lightsaber construction. The ID would be the measurement inside the lightsaber hilt from one wall … Read more

Most Overrated Lightsabers: Top 3 Reasons Behind the Hype

Three lightsabers

A lightsaber could be considered overrated for many reasons. Three common signs of an overrated lightsaber are: the lightsaber is too famous, uses an impractical design or is trying too hard to be different from other lightsabers. All three signs could be combined as well. Let’s take a closer look at the the signs, along … Read more

Why are weathered lightsabers so popular?

lightsabers from various companies

Weathering is: scratching, scuffing, tarnishing, damaging or otherwise aging of a lightsaber hilt. The intention of weathering is make the hilt look used, as if it’s been battle-worn, or just make it look like it’s not brand new, ‘right out of the lightsaber factory’, so to speak. Watch Why are weathered lightsabers so popular? on … Read more