lightsaber blade length

What are the most common lightsaber blade lengths?

The most common lightsaber blade lengths are full size blades, between 32 inches and 37 inches. If you go to the lightsaber Wikipedia page, the entry says that lightsaber blades, as portrayed in the Star Wars films, are about 3 feet long.

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Although full size blade lengths are the most common length, there are several other common blade lengths as well. Some companies, like Ultrasabers, sell extra long blades that are 40 inches long. Taller people sometimes like to use longer blades. Several sizes of shorter lightsaber blades are also common. A 24 inch blade is nice length for children, shorter people, or people that will be wielding the lightsaber indoors. A 24 inch blade is also a nice blade length for double-bladed lightsabers. Some custom saber companies also sell an ultra short 16 inch blade, which definitely doesn’t look full size, but is a great, manageable size for indoor spinning.

The most common lightsaber blade length are:
32 inches
36 or 37 inches
40 inches
24 inches
16 inches

You can also create a custom lightsaber blade of nearly any size or cut down a longer blade. So if you’d like to make a blade that’s 17.82 inches long, you can. That said, most people prefer selecting a common blade length.

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What’s your preferred lightsaber blade length?

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  1. 32″ is a good length , longer blades are tip heavy and require more strength to steel combat(stage) blades are 32″ . Old Jedi Jim

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