What’s the SMALLEST lightsaber?

small lightsabers

Small Lightsabers within Star Wars Canon Within the Star Wars Canon, Yoda is known for wielding one of the smallest lightsabers (short lightsabers are sometimes referred to as lightsaber shoto). Other characters, like Ahsoka Tano, have used a lightsaber shoto an off-hand weapon. Custom Saber Companies That Make Lightsaber Shotos Some custom saber companies manufacture … Read more

Solo’s Hold Corran Horn Lightsaber Full Review | Speeder Bike Handle

Solo's Hold Corran Horn Marverick lightsaber

This is a Solo’s Hold Corran Horn lightsaber. It’s sometimes referred to as ‘Maverick’. The Corran Horn lightsaber was limited edition and is out of production. Corran Horn inspired lightsabers have developed a cult following among lightsaber enthusiasts due to popularity of the Corran Horn character (who is now part of Star Wars Legends) as … Read more

Solo’s Hold Padawan Empty Lightsaber Hilt | full review

Solo's Hold Padawan lightsaber hilt

This is a Solo’s Hold Padawan empty lightsaber hilt. It’s made of aluminum and is very lightweight, short (only about 9.5 inches long) and thin in diameter. The hilt’s low profile makes Padawan a shoto lightsaber, which could be an appropriate size for kids or people with smaller hands. The hilt could also make a … Read more

What’s the average size of a lightsaber hilt? (i.e. length and diameter)

lightsabers from various companies

Lightsaber hilts come in a range of shapes and sizes. The smallest diameter lightsaber hilt is typically around 1.25 inches in diameter–some Vader’s Vault lightsabers are that size. Ultrasabers Intiate V2 hilts are 1.375 inches in diameter, which is also considered a small diameter for a lightsaber hilt. Smaller diameter lightsaber hilts work well with … Read more

Ultimate Works Master Y Lightsaber | New Saber Alert

Ultimate Works Master Y lightsaber

The Pach Store unveiled the Ultimate Works Master Y Lightsaber. The custom saber is inspired by the design of the Yoda lightsaber. The lightsaber is available as an installed RGB sound saber (TRI CREE LED) or as an empty hilt. The Ultimate Works Master Y Lightsaber, a limited run, became available as a pre-order starting … Read more

Ultrasabers Apprentice and Initiate lightsabers: What you need to know

Ultrasabers Apprentice and Initiate lightsabers

Ultrasabers Apprentice and Initiate lightsabers are among the most basic and also among the least expensive lightsabers produced by Ultrasabers. Let’s go over some things that you need to know about these lightsabers. One of the first things you need to know about both Apprentice and Initiate lightsabers is that these hilts are short. They’re … Read more

Ultrasabers Brood Guard Lightsaber (Tonfa Style) | New Saber Alert

Ultrasabers Brood Guard lightsaber

Ultrasabers released the Brood Guard lightsaber today. The custom lightsaber hilt features an unorthodox tonfa design, inspired by Maris Brood’s shoto guard lightsabers in Legends. The Brood Guard lightsaber, a non-standard lightsaber with nightstick or baton shape, uses a perpendicular grip section that extends out of the main body of the hilt. The grooved perpendicular … Read more

What is a shoto lightsaber? | Lightsaber Terminology

Shoto lightsaber

Shoto is a Japanese word for “short sword” and it’s basically a sword that’s in between the length of a dagger (or knife) and a full length sword like a katana. In the context of Star Wars, a shoto lightsaber is a lightsaber that is shorter in length. Both the blade and hilt itself are … Read more

Top 5 Advantages of Using a 24 inch Lightsaber Blade

Ultrasabers blade length

Although 32 inch and 36 inch lightsaber blades are considered to be full-size and a standard length, here are the top five advantages of using a shorter, 24 inch lightsaber blade. 1. Manageable lightsaber blade length for a child Kids are shorter people, so a shorter lightsaber blade works better for them. A shorter, 24 … Read more