Lightsaber Comparison: Ultrasabers Empty Hilts vs Saberforge Empty Hilts (Initiate)

Empty hilts make great display pieces, cosplay accessories, or DIY electronics install projects. Let’s compare Ultrasabers empty lightsaber hilts and Saberforge empty lightsaber hilts. Consider that Ultrasabers calls their empty hilts ‘Empty Saber Hilts DIY’ and Saberforge calls their empty hilts ‘Initiate’ or ‘Initiate Tier’ sabers. ARTICLE UPDATED: 1/25/2019

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Empty Hilt Price
The starting price for Ultrasabers empty hilts is $30 for the Initiate V2 and Dark Initiate V2 hilt models, which are essentially shorter, ‘Yoda style’ shoto sabers. Initiate V2 and Dark Initiate V2 are bare-bones, no-frills styles. They are also narrower in diameter than most other Ultrasabers hilts and would not be able to accommodate larger soundboards. Ultrasabers offers a variety of other, mostly basic empty hilts, for under $100. The company also offers some pricier, more elaborate hilts that are over $100.

The starting price for Saberforge empty hilts is $60 for their Shoto Sabers. Shoto sabers are shorter ‘Yoda style’ lightsaber hilts. Standard sized lightsabers, with basic designs, start at $75. Pricier, more elaborate hilts are around $150 and up.

Empty Hilt Switch Hole(s)
All Ultrasabers empty hilts will have an open switch hole. On the most basic sabers, the buyer can choose between a guarded switch hole or a 16mm AV switch hole. More elaborate hilts only come with a 16mm AV switch hole. The buyer intends to use an Ultrasabers empty hilt as a display piece or cosplay accessory, they would need to add their own switch or cover the switch hole in some way.

By default, Saberforge glues dummy switches in the switch holes on empty Saberforge hilts. Saberforge adds dummy switches in both the hole for the activation switch and the hole for he recharge port. In the order notes, the buyer can request that the dummy switches and threading to be left unglued. Since Saberforge installs dummy switches in the open switch holes, Saberforge empty hilts work well as display pieces or cosplay pieces right out of the box.

Empty Hilt Retention Screws
Ultrasabers includes the retention screw(s) with empty hilts.

Saberforge includes the retention screw(s) with empty hilts.

Empty Hilt Hex Key for Retention Screws
Ultrasabers requires the buyer to pay $1 extra to add-on the hex key for the retention screws.

Saberforge includes the hex key for the retention screws with the order.

Empty Hilt Blade
The lightsaber blade is not included with Ultrasabers empty hilts.

The lightsaber blade is not included with Saberforge empty hilts.

Empty Hilt Blade Plug
Ultrasabers DOES NOT include a blade plug with empty hilts or any of their lightsabers. The buyer may add a Standard Blade Plug or Circle Blade Plug to their order.

Saberforge DOES include a blade plug with all of their empty hilts, except thin-neck style hilts (thin-neck hilts are not compatible with blade plugs). The blade plug helps complete the look of the hilt. The buyer doesn’t have any control over the blade plug design that they receive with the empty hilt. The Reactor Blade Plug seems to be a common design to receive with an empty hilt.

Empty Hilt Covertec Wheel or D-ring
Lower-end Ultrasabers hilts do not include a Covertec wheel, but offer a Covertec wheel as an upgrade feature. Mid-range to high-end Ultrasabers empty hilts include a Covertec wheel.

All Saberforge empty hilts include a Covertec wheel or some type of ring (i.e. D-ring or tri-ring) that would allow the buyer to wear the hilt on their belt.

Empty Hilt Design and Selection
Some of the more basic Ultrasabers lightsaber hilts are no-frills designs. Some buyers accuse the basic hilts of being too bland while other buyers enjoy the simplicity. Some of the mid-range and higher-end Ultrasabers hilts are large in length and in diameter. Ultrasabers offers a wide selection of empty hilts.

Even he most basic Saberforge empty hilts are more elaborate in design than the most basic Ultrasabers empty hilts. Saberforge offers an extremely wide selection of lightsaber hilts. The company offers one of the widest, if not THE widest, selections of lightsaber hilt designs.

Empty Hilt Shipping Speed
Ultrasabers generally ships empty hilts, and other orders, within 1-2 weeks of purchase. Fulfillment speed can vary through the year, though, so visit the Ultrasabers for the most up to date shipping estimates.

Saberforge estimates a lead time of 1-2 months. Adding custom wraps or custom finishes to your empty hilt will also delay your order by an additional 1-2 months. Many buyers report their Saberforge orders often and easily get delayed beyond the initial shipping estimate, however. In my own experience, I’ve have several Saberforge orders get delayed by several month.

Fulfillment speed can vary through the year, though, so visit the Saberforge website for the most up to date shipping estimates. The Saberforge Etsy store generally ships orders faster–within a few weeks rather than a few months.

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