Where to Buy Star Wars Force FX Lightsabers | Amazon, eBay and Beyond

Star Wars Force FX Lightsaber

Where’s the best place to find a Star Wars Force FX lightsaber? Star Wars Force FX lightsabers are a series of officially licensed, realistic lightsabers that light up and make sound. Master Replicas manufactured Star Wars Force FX lightsabers from 2002 to 2007. Hasbro has manufactured Star Wars Force FX lightsabers since 2008 and currently … Read more

Star Wars BladeBuilders Kylo Ren Lightsaber Toy Review | Hasbro Crossguard

Star Wars BladeBuilders Kylo Ren Lightsaber Toy

The Star Wars BladeBuilders Kylo Ren lightsaber toy is one of the more basic and affordable Hasbro BladeBuilders lightsaber toys on the market. The lightsaber contains no electronics, so the toy does NOT light up or make lightsaber sounds. Both the hilt and the extendable, telescoping red blades are made of plastic. Star Wars BladeBuilders … Read more

Hasbro Asajj Ventress and Kit Fisto Force FX Lightsabers | New Saber Alert

Asajj Ventress and Kit Fisto Force FX lightsaber

Hasbro unveiled two new Force FX lightsabers: Star Wars: The Black Series Asajj Ventress Force FX Lightsaber and Star Wars: The Black Series Kit Fisto Force FX lightsaber. The new lightsabers are slated for release in spring of 2020. The lightsabers will join the existing Hasbro line-up of 11 Star Wars: The Black Series Force … Read more

Hasbro Star Wars Lightsaber Academy Toys: What You Should Know

lightsaber academy lightsaber toys

Star Wars Lightsaber Academy is a combination app-and-toy-lightsaber line by Hasbro. Launched in October 2019, the interactive Lightsaber Academy system empowers young apprentices to train and battle with lightsabers just like some of their favorite Star Wars characters. Each Lightsaber Academy lightsaber unlocks content in the Lightaber Academy app (free download). All Lightsaber Academy lightsaber … Read more

Why Hasbro May NEVER Make a Dark Rey Folding Lightsaber

Dark Rey lightsaber

Disney released startling promotional footage of a seemingly Dark Side Rey wielding a double-bladed collapsible hilt lightsaber in August 2019. Two months later in October 2019, Hasbro has yet to release a Dark Rey collapsible hilt lightsaber or even a Dark Rey action figure. Here’s why toy giant Hasbro may NEVER release a Dark Side … Read more

What is a telescoping lightsaber? | Lightsaber Terminology

telescoping lightsaber

A telescoping lightsaber is a lightsaber with blade sections that extend out of the hilt, one section sliding out from another until the full blade length is reached. The extension of a telescoping lightsaber blade out of a lightsaber hilt imitates how an actual lightsaber blade extends out of the lightsaber hilt in Star Wars … Read more

Star Wars SCREAM SABER Lightsaber Toy Review Hasbro

Hasbro Scream Saber

The Star Wars Scream Saber Lightsaber Toy is a bizarre electronic lightsaber that lights up and play pre-loaded Star Wars sounds or custom recorded “screams” from the user. The Scream Saber was just released a few days ago on Triple Force Friday (October 5, 2019). Buy a Scream Saber on Amazon affiliate linkhttps://amzn.to/2APK8cf The Scream Saber is … Read more

Hasbro Unveils Scream Saber Lightsaber Toy | New Saber Alert

Scream Saber

Hasbro unveiled the Scream Saber Lightsaber, a bizarre new electronic sound FX lightsaber toy. The Scream Saber allows the user to record their own crazy custom FX combat sound (e.g. scream, laugh, meow, sneeze, moo, etc.). The Scream Saber plays back the recorded sound when the user waves the lightsaber around. Star Wars Scream Saber … Read more

What is Force Friday? | Lightsaber Terminology

Star Wars Force Friday

Force Friday is a Star Wars merchandising and product launch event developed by Disney. Retailers from around the world have participated in the event. The in-store and online event includes: giveaways, activities, and midnight madness openings at select stores. The first Force Friday event occurred on Friday, September 4, 2015. Force Friday typically serves as … Read more

Hasbro Supreme Leader Kylo Ren Force FX Elite Lightsaber | New Saber Alert

Supreme Leader Kylo Ren Force FX Elite Lightsaber

Hasbro unveiled the brand new Star Wars: The Black Series Supreme Leader Kylo Ren Force FX Elite Lightsaber today. The lightsaber, modeled after Kylo Ren’s crossguard lightsaber in the Sequel Trilogy, will be the newest addition to the Force FX lightsaber line of high-end adult collectible lightsabers. Force FX lightsabers use a real metal hilt and … Read more