Hasbro Star Wars Lightsaber Academy Toys: What You Should Know

lightsaber academy lightsaber toys

Star Wars Lightsaber Academy is a combination app-and-toy-lightsaber line by Hasbro. Launched in October 2019, the interactive Lightsaber Academy system empowers young apprentices to train and battle with lightsabers just like some of their favorite Star Wars characters. Each Lightsaber Academy lightsaber unlocks content in the Lightaber Academy app (free download). All Lightsaber Academy lightsaber … Read more

InstaSaber AR App Turns Paper into a Lightsaber: An Interview with Creator Hart Woolery

InstaSaber lightsaber

Got a piece of paper and an iPhone? Then you just might be able to make a lightsaber. InstaSaber, a free and popular augmented reality app for iOS, allows the user to project a lightsaber onto a simple rolled up piece of paper. InstaSaber creator Hart Woolery, launched the lightsaber app in early January 2018. … Read more

LightSaber – Saber Simulator free app review (Android) with sounds

LightSaber Saber Simulator

LightSaber – Saber Simulator is a free lightsaber android app that allows users to customize a lightsaber on their phone screen by selecting a blade color, hilt model and sound effects. How to use LightSaber – Saber Simulator The paint pallet icon in the lower left corner allows the user to select a blade color. The blade … Read more