Ki Sabers Slayer Lightsaber (Dueling Katana Saber) | New Saber Alert

Ki Sabers Slay lightsaber

The Ki Sabers Slayer lightsaber has been released. The tsuba (hand guard)-equipped custom saber is a katana-style lightsaber. The two-handed lightsaber is designed for cosplay or competitive lightsaber combat. Slayer comes in a stock finish (standard silver color) or weathered finish and is available configured as a stunt saber (no sound) or sound saber (Pico … Read more

Kaizen Saber Okami Lightsaber (Katana Saber) | New Saber Alert

Kaizen Saber Okami lightsaber

Kaizen Saber has unveiled the Okami lightsaber. The custom saber is a katana lightsaber, inspired by the design of the Japanese katana.

The Custom Saber Shop Releases MHS V1 Tsuba Adapter | NEW PRODUCT ALERT

The Custom Saber Shop TCSS Tsuba

The Custom Saber Shop (TCSS) released a new piece called MHS V1 3″ Tsuba adapter today. The adapter allows lightsaber enthusiasts to add a tsuba section and extend the length of most MHS V1 or MHS compatible lightsaber hilts. The tsuba adapter adds a lightsaber katana or Kanan Jarrus style lightsaber feel to design. This … Read more

Blue Force Sabers: Superhero Mashup Lightsabers, Blade Plugs and Tsuba | Lightsaber Company Spotlight

Blue Force Sabers lightsabers and blade plugs

Blue Force Sabers [AFFILIATE LINK], a United States based custom saber maker, has been selling custom lightsabers and accessories on Etsy since 2017. Many of his lightsabers are superhero mashup lightsabers (inspired by Superman, Batman, Thanos, etc) and are made using a steel core with added 3D printed parts. Most of his sabers are intended … Read more

Kyberlight Plasmafier Top Piece Accessory Full Review Tsuba Emitter

Kyberlight Plasmafier Top Piece

Kyberlight Plasmafier Top Piece Accessory resembles a tsuba (handguard) on a Japanese katana. How the piece works is your slide it over the Kyberlight lightsaber emitter area and attach it to the hilt with a screw. The top piece is also compatible with some Saberforge hilts, but not all, so you need to make sure … Read more

What is a tsuba (Handguard)? | Lightsaber Terminology

lightsaber tsuba on a Kyberlight Saber

A lightsaber tsuba (pronounced SOO-BUH) is a handguard component located near the top of a lightsaber hilt in the emitter area. A tsuba protects the hand from getting hit by an opponent’s lightsaber blade, may change the balance point on the saber hilt, and serves as a decorative piece. Watch What is a tsuba? (Lightsaber … Read more

Vader’s Vault Legionnaire Lightsaber | New Saber Alert

Vader's Vault Legionnaire Lightsaber

The Vader’s Vault Legionnaire lightsaber has been released. The custom saber, a Combat Class saber, is an original katana style lightsaber design intended for a two-handed combat style. Vader’s Vault Legionnaire, a design inspired by the rigors of The Saber Legion (TSL) lightsaber combat, features a long hilt and a removable tsuba (handguard). Vader’s Vault … Read more

Saberforge Tanto Lightsaber Released | New Saber Alert

Saberforge Tanto lightsaber

The Saberforge Tanto lightsaber has been released. The custom saber, which features a tsuba (handguard), is inspired by the samurai “short sword” known as a tanto. The lightsaber is available as an empty hilt (no electronics), stunt saber (light only, no sound), or sound saber (light and sound). Saberforge released the Tanto lightsaber in December … Read more