High Council Sabers Starkiller Lightsaber Hilt Full Review

High Council Sabers Starkiller lightsaber

This is a Starkiller Lightsaber Hilt by Etsy seller High Council Sabers [AFFILIATE LINK]. As a disclaimer High Council Sabers, sent me this hilt for free in order to review, so thank you very much for that. Starkiller Lightsaber Hilt is an empty hilt and comes standard as a static hilt, intended as a display piece … Read more

Brick by Brick: An Interview with Custom LEGO Lightsaber Designer Demonhunter Bricks

Demonhunterbrick LEGO lightsaber

Adam Gladwin, creator of Demonhunter Bricks, designs and sells custom, full scale LEGO lightsaber kits. The kits are modeled after popular Star Wars movie lightsabers. He sells the custom LEGO lightsaber kits, which use genuine LEGO pieces, in his Etsy store, on eBay and on the Demonhunter Bricks website. Demonhunter Bricks LEGO lightsabers on Etsy affiliate … Read more

What is a dummy switch? | Lightsaber Terminology

Saberforge Avenger dummy switch

A dummy switch is a non-functioning lightsaber switch, or sometimes just piece of metal that’s added to a lightsaber hilt, in order to complete the look of the hilt. Some custom saber companies, like Saberforge, install dummy switches on their empty hilts or to fill an empty switch hole. Other custom saber companies, like Ultrasabers, … Read more

Shameem BrokeFlex Lightsaber (Broken Graflex) | New Saber Alert

Shameem BrokeFlex lightsaber

The Shameem BrokeFlex lightsaber has been released. The realistic custom saber hilt is inspired by the appearance of the salvaged, broken-in-two Skywalker lightsaber (i.e. Graflex lightsaber) in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Sabersmith and artisan Shameem Moshrefzadeh creates the static display piece by heavily weathering and adding exposed, damaged internals to a custom Graflex lightsaber … Read more

Star Wars Master Replicas Darth Sidious .45 scale lightsaber Full review | Dark Chrome

Star Wars Master Replicas .45 scale dark chrome

This Star Wars Master Replicas Darth Sidious lightsaber is .45 scale–one of the ever popular, officially licensed ‘mini’ lightsaber hilts. The dark chrome variant was a Best Buy exclusive. Search eBay for a Master Replicas Darth Sidious lightsaber affiliate link Watch Star Wars Master Replicas Darth Sidious 0.45 scale lightsaber Best Buy exclusive dark chrome … Read more

Saberforge Fallen Custom Saber full review | Revan style lightsaber

Saberforge Fallen lightsaber

This is a Saberforge Fallen Initiate Tier lightsaber hilt (‘Initiate’ is Saberforge’s name for an empty hilt). This hilt has the Saberforge standard finish. Saberforge does offer many other finish options as well. Watch Saberforge Fallen Initiate Tier empty hilt DIY full review Revan style lightsaber on YouTube The standard finish Fallen hilt is mostly … Read more

Roman Props Flashgun 7 full review | Graflex style lightsaber

Roman Props Flashgun 7 lightsaber

Roman Props Flashgun 7 Converted and Battle Worn is a beautiful, Graflex-style lightsaber hilt. Roman Props sells several different configurations of Graflex-style lightsabers. Flashgun 7 is inspired by the Episode VII: The Force Awakens Skywalker lightsaber hilt. Roman Props also sells: Flashgun 4, Flashgun 5, Flashgun 6 and Flashgun 8. Watch Roman Props Flashgun 7 … Read more

What is a shelf queen? | Lightsaber Terminology

Roman Props MK1

As you’re researching lightsabers, you may encounter the term “shelf queen.” A shelf queen is a lightsaber that you ONLY display. You put the lightsaber on your shelf for you and others to admire and you don’t use it for dueling or anything else. The video uses a Roman Props MK1 static hilt as an … Read more

Volt1987 Darth Vader’s Lightsaber Prop Replica for Cosplay | New Saber Alert

Volt1987 Darth Vader Lightsaber Prop Replica for cosplay

Volt1987 Darth Vader’s Lightsaber Prop Replica for cosplay, a custom saber, is a metal belt hanger–a static hilt for display or cosplay. The lightsaber replica is a display piece only and is not designed to accept electronics. Volt1987 first released Darth Vader’s Lightsaber Prop Replica in fall 2014. Volt1987 (Etsy) https://www.etsy.com/shop/Volt1987 affiliate link The Volt1987 … Read more