TotalFX Rogue Lightsaber review: TOTAL RIPOFF

I purchased a pair of TotalFX Rogue Lightsabers from the website Trending VIP in January 2018 and here’s what I got. I received packaging that says ‘Space Lasersword’. NO WHERE does the packaging say TotalFX Rogue Lightsaber.

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Inside the package, there are two plastic ‘Space Laserswords’ and a plastic coupler to create a double bladed laser sword. The TotalFX Rogue Lightsabers DO NOT include batteries. The space swords require 3 AAA batteries (not included), and you need a small Philips screwdriver remove the panel on the back to access the battery pack.

I paid $26.99 for the two plastic space swords and the plastic coupler, but some Total

Total FX Rogue lightsabers
Total FX Rogue Lightsabers, from Trending VIP, arrive in a package that says “Space Lasersword”.

FX Rogue lightsabers may cost more. When you turn the swords on, the tubing lights up. The outer tubing is clear and the inner tubing contains the light. When you move the sword around, it changes color.

The sword features a several different settings. In one setting, the blade color gradually rotates from color to color. If you tap the button, the blade will flash several different colors. If you tap the button again, the sword will be muted. If you tap the button a third time, the sword will turn off. If you hit the blade against something while the colors are rotating, the blade color will freeze on the color upon impact. If you tap the blade one more time, though, the color will change to a different one. If you’d like the blade color to freeze on a single color, hold down the button for a few seconds and the sword will beep and hold on one color.

The TotalFX Rogue Lightsabers, or Space Laserswords, use a very short hilt and blade. The hilt is about 7.5 inches long and the blade is about 18 inches, for a total length from pommel area to blade tip of about 25.5 inches. The small size and length may work well with children. Both the hilt and blade are made out of plastic and are very light weight. The hilt is a two-toned black and silver colored plastic (NOT metal). The outer part of the blade is made out of thin plastic that you squish very easily. The clear plastic easily shows dents and blemishes.

A plastic coupler is included with the swords, enabling you to join together the two toys to make a double bladed sword. The connectors screws into each end of the sword.

Although the swords light up and make sound, I DO NOT recommend purchasing TotalFX Rogue Lightsabers for several reasons. The $26.99 price point is very expensive for what you get. Some websites charge more than $26.99 as well. Walmart sells a similar Space Sword for only $3 or $4. Also, Trending VIP and other TotalFX Rogue Lightsaber vendors use highly deceptive and manipulative sales tactics.

Consider that although some TotalFX Rogue vendors offer returns, return shipping is expensive and will probably be a waste of your time an money. TotalFXRogue lightsabers are often shipped from China, and international return shipping is very expensive–pretty close to the cost of the TotalFX Rogue lightsabers themselves, in fact.

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Have you purchased a Total FX Rogue Lightsaber? How satisfied are you with your purchase?


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