Luke Skywalker’s Deleted Scene lightsaber training with Yoda on Dagobah

A deleted scene in the Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back depicts Luke training with a lightsaber on Dagobah. By comparison, the final cut of the movie doesn’t show any lightsaber training on Dagobah.

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The deleted scene doesn’t really show too much training. Yoda is on Luke’s back, just like in some of the scenes that did make the final cut of the film. Luke waves the lightsaber around a little bit, but the inclusion of the lightsaber doesn’t really add much to plot, which is why it was likely deleted.

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Do you think it’s appropriate that in the final cut of The Empire Strikes Back, Luke had NO lightsaber training depicted onscreen before his lightsaber duel with Darth Vader? Do you think adding a scene, even a brief scene, of Luke training on Dagobah with a lightsaber would have enhanced the movie or increased the plausibility of him dueling Darth Vader?

I like the idea of Yoda NOT showing Luke anything with lightsabers, at least on screen. Yoda asks Luke to do many seemingly irrelevant tasks that in actuality strengthen his connection to the Force. Also, Yoda famously states, “War not make one great” within the movie. Removing any emphasis on weapons training reinforces the Jedi Master’s staunch, non-warrior philosophy.

Of course, I am biased, and you are biased as well, because we’ve already seen the finished film that doesn’t include any lightsaber training. It’s very hard to think back on how the film COULD have looked if it included lightsaber training on Dagobah.

What do you think about Luke’s lightsaber training on Dagobah?

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Luke’s lightsaber training on Dagobah video [Deleted Scene]:

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