TotalFX Rogue Lightsaber review: TOTAL RIPOFF

Total FX Rogue Lightsaber set of 2

I purchased a pair of TotalFX Rogue Lightsabers from the website Trending VIP in January 2018 and here’s what I got. I received packaging that says ‘Space Lasersword’. NO WHERE does the packaging say TotalFX Rogue Lightsaber. Watch TotalFX Rogue Lightsaber review TOTAL RIPOFF on YouTube Inside the package, there are two plastic ‘Space Laserswords’ and … Read more

TotalFX Rogue Lightsabers unboxing | Trending VIP review

TotalFX Rogue Lightsabers

The wait is over today I’m finally unboxing the TotalFX Rogue Lightsabers. I purchased these from the website Trending VIP and were $26.99. Let’s check it out. You can see the packaging for this seems to be just a bag on the outside and bubble wrap on the inside. The packaging is soft and not … Read more