The NUMBER ONE Tip for Buying Your First Lightsaber

The most important tip for buying your first lightsaber is to keep it simple. The lightsaber hobby gets very complicated very quickly, which can be overwhelming to a new person. If you visit different custom saber websites, you’ll often be greeted with drop-down menu after drop-down menu of lightsabers options. You’ll could have choices about: adding a Covertec wheel, adding a blade plug, upgrading the battery configuration, adding powder coating, selecting a finish, adding weathering (sometimes there will be multiple weathering options), adding a leather wrap, etc.

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Having many lightsaber options can be great for people that have been in the hobby for a while because they know all of the terminology and know what they like. By contrast, the same sea of options can be overwhelming and off-putting to new lightsaber enthusiasts.

As a lightsaber novice, keep it simple and avoid getting distracted by the different options and upgrades. You could also select a simple, relatively inexpensive lightsaber as your first lightsaber. If you’re not sure where to start, read Where to Buy Your First Lightsaber: Exploring Common Options.

Getting a used lightsaber on a website like eBay [AFFILIATE LINK] or in a Facebook lightsaber group can also help you keep things simple since the lightsaber described in the listing is the one you’re going to get–you don’t get to select different options.

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SaberSourcing YouTube viewers share their top tips for buying a first lightsaber:

“Easy. More customization means more complicated the website options. Less customization is going to be a simpler website with much less options. Settle on a fixed price. Ask a retailer lots of questions. Read customer feedback. Watch lots of YouTube videos. If it is worth buying it is worth doing the homework.” — r oc

“I highly recommend Ultrasabers, or the Saberforge Etsy Store. Like I mentioned in another comment, these two seem to have the fastest turnaround. I feel, like the song said…”The waiting was the hardest part.” When I bought my first saber. I do reccomend sound, even if it’s just basic. Most of all like you said, keep it simple and have fun!” — Tony G

“Figure out what you want to spend and what options you want most. Then, buy accordingly.” — Issacc Woodruff (Multiple YouTubers suggested setting a budget)

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What’s your top tip for buying a first lightsaber? What’s the first lightsaber you ever bought (or are considering buying)?

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  1. Yes keep it simple and watch for that special bargain. My first lightsaber is a black force fx Darth Vader that I got still in the box at a pawn shop for 50 dollars.Old Jedi Jim.


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