The Pach Store Opens US Warehouse; Offers faster US lightsaber shipping

The Pach Store, which is a Hong Kong based custom lightsaber company, just opened a new warehouse in the United States. The announcement of the new warehouse is exciting news for US buyers who will be able to receive lightsaber orders faster than before and the shipping costs will also be a bit cheaper. The Pach Store is known for selling a wide array of budget sound sabers (many made by YDD Saber) along with some midrange sabers and empty hilts.

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Only certain lightsabers are in stock at The Pach Store’s United States warehouse at the moment, including: V1 Hero, Maverick, Maverick V2, Fubuki V2.5, Hitoren V3 and Dueler V2. The Pach Store specifies that the sabers are only available in limited quantities at the moment as well. How fast can US buyers expect to receive their order? The Pach Store states that most US buyers purchasing an item from the United States warehouse will receive their orders in about 1 week.

To order a lightsaber from the United States warehouse, you must select a “(US Only)” option. | SCREENSHOT of

How you make sure you’re purchasing a lightsaber from the United States warehouse rather than Hong Kong warehouse is when you go to the drop-down menu for selecting your lightsaber hilt, scroll to the bottom options and select one of the options that says “(US only)” at the beginning of the title.

The Pach Store will likely expand the lightsaber inventory in the US warehouse to include more lightsaber styles in the future.

The Pach Store announced some good news for UK buyers as well. The Pach Store said they’re looking into opening an additional warehouse in United Kingdom. The Pach Store has not announced any additional planned warehouses, although the company did state they’re currently not considering opening a warehouse in Canada due to high shipping cost.

Wherever you live in the world, it always nice if a company ships an order from a location that’s closer to you. A closer warehouse can expedite the shipping speed of your lightsaber order and sometime help you save money on shipping and custom fees.

Although The Pach Store has always shipped to United States buyers, faster shipping from a US-based warehouse increases The Pach Store’s access to the strong and lucrative United custom saber market. The new United States warehouse also allows The Pach Store to more directly compete with popular United States based custom saber companies like: Ultrasabers, Saberforge, Vader’s Vault, Kyberlight and others.

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