Outer Rim Sabers Vertical 3D Printed Saber Stand Full Review for lightsabers

This is an Outer Rim Sabers Vertical 3D Printed Saber Stand from Etsy [AFFILIATE LINK]. As a disclaimer, Outer Rim Sabers sent me this lightsaber stand for free in order to review, so thank you very much for that. Vertical 3D Printed Saber Stand is one of two vertical lightsaber stands that Outer Rim Sabers sells. The other vertical stand is called XL Vertical 3D Printed Saber Stand and is designed for larger, more cumbersome lightsabers. A third Outer Rims Sabers vertical stand called Rebel Vertical Saber Stand has been discontinued.

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The Vertical 3D Printed Saber Stand, by Outer Rim Sabers, can accommodate a wide variety of lightsabers. The stand is 7.5 inches deep, 5 inches wide and 6.5 inches tall. It is a 3D printed stand, so the filament lines are visible. You can sand down the stand, though, and paint it, if you’d like.

Outer Rim Sabers offer three different color options for all of their lightsaber stands: black, dry-brush gold and dry-brush silver. The dry-brush options are kind of neat because the blending of the black with silver accents gives the stand a tarnished look. The tarnished look embodies the ‘lived-in’ universe approach George Lucas applied to the Original Trilogy. The tarnished look would also complement weathered lightsaber hilts.

The base of the stand forms a triangle and it’s pretty sturdy. The stand features a support in the back and a line of multiple holes down the spine of the stand.

A big benefit of this vertical stand, along with vertical stands in general, is the attractive vertical presentation of the hilt. Most people wear lightsabers vertically on their belt, so a vertical stand allows lightsaber enthusiasts to display a lightsaber in a similar orientation to how they would wear the lightsaber. The vertical stand also presents a very opening, front view of the lightsaber hilt. Some standard horizontal stands block part of the view of the saber.

The Vertical 3D Printed Saber Stand is more accommodating with unusually-shaped lightsabers including curved hilts, like a Saberforge Bane MK1 or Kylo Ren style crossguard lightsabers. Curved hilts and crossguards often won’t fit on standard, horizontal stands or if they do fit, the hilt isn’t displayed very well.

Even some larger lightsaber hilts, like Ultrasabers Guardian, work with the Vertical 3D Printed Saber Stand, although for larger hilts you may consider looking at the sturdier XL Vertical 3D Printed Saber Stand.

In addition to vertical saber stands, Outer Rim Sabers sells standard, horizontal stands. The store also sells: lightsabers, blade plugs, and lightsaber electronics kits.

Outer Rim Sabers Etsy Store [AFFILIATE LINK]

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