Star Wars Disney Parks Exclusive Lightsaber Conversion: What you should know

Some lightsaber enthusiasts who purchase Star Wars Disney Parks Lightsabers are dissatisfied with the soundboard so they wonder about doing a conversion, much like a Force FX lightsaber conversion, in order to get a better soundboard installed into the saber.

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Every now and then someone is looking for information about Disney Parks lightsaber conversion. The Disney Parks lightsaber conversion is not as popular as a Force FX conversion (for the Master Replicas or Hasbro version). Of course, Force FX lightsabers, especially the Hasbro The Black Series lightsabers that are currently in production, are more widely available than Disney Parks lightsabers. Disney Parks lightsabers are available exclusively from the Disney theme parks, although many Disney Parks lightsabers turn up on eBay [AFFILIATE LINK] or in other secondary markets.

There’s not as much information about Disney Parks conversions as this is about Force FX conversions. The Custom Saber Shop (TCSS) sells conversion kits for Force FX lightsabers, but the kits are NOT compatible with Disney Parks lightsabers. The Custom Saber Shop does not carry and Disney Parks specific conversion kits, although a lightsaber enthusiast could certainly decide to gut the saber and install new electronics.

For those who don’t want to gut and install the Disney Parks lightsabers themselves, there is an Etsy seller named PittForceFive [AFFILIATE LINK] who offers a conversion service for the Disney Parks Kylo Ren lightsaber. He does not currently offer a conversion service for the other Disney Parks lightsabers: Disney Parks Rey lightsaber and Disney Parks Darth Vader lightsaber.

Other sabersmiths/installers may be willing to take on a Disney Parks conversion service, but the service is not commonly advertised directly, so you would need ask the specific sabersmith if they would be willing to take on the project.

PittForceFive offers Disney Parks Lightsaber conversion on Etsy [AFFILIATE LINK]

Search for Disney Parks lightsabers on eBay [AFFILIATE LINK]

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