Tusken Raider Gaffi Stick (Gaderffii Stick): Everything You Need to Know

A gaffi stick, sometimes called gaderffii stick, is a fearsome spiked pole arm traditionally constructed and wielded by Tusken Raiders. Tusken Raiders, sometimes referred to as Sand People, are a sentient species indigenous to the desert planet Tatooine. A nomadic and extremely territorial culture, Tusken Raiders view non-Tusken Raiders on Tatooine as trespassers.

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Gaderffii Stick (Gaffi Stick)
Tusken Raider wielding a gaffi stick (left) and Boba Fett wielding a gaffi stick (right) | IMAGE CREDIT Lucasfilm/Disney

Construction and Usage of the Gaffi Stick in Star Wars

Tusken Raiders organize into nomadic clan groups of 20-30 individuals. Each warrior in a Tusken clan creates their own gaffi stick, a traditional two-handed pole arm weapon and tool for Tusken Raiders. Each weapon is typically custom-built by the wielder. The design and materials used to construct a gaffi stick reflect the personality and status of the wielder. Since each weapon is constructed from scrounged and salvaged materials, the design may also reflect the availability of materials. A gaffi stick measures about 4 ft long (1.3 m).

A gaffi features a long handle with two customized ends. One bent end commonly features a weighted club head with a central spear tip or hook (the bent end is called traang in the Tusken language). The other end may feature a mace-like design with four or more axe head style blades with a central spearhead.

A gaffi stick is as versatile as it is brutal. A wielder may use a gaderffii to bludgeon, spear and hack an enemy in close range combat. In the hands of skilled wielder, the weapon is capable of piercing or shattering stormtrooper armor as well. The instrument may also serve as a tool for day-to-day tasks including: hunting, digging, or cleaning the teeth of a bantha.

In addition to the gaderffii stick, some Tusken Raider clans would also use a cycler rifle, a long-range combat weapon.

Boba Fett Gaderffii Stick Combat Skills

Around 5 ABY, a Tusken Raider tribe is holding the bounty hunter Boba Fett in captivity. During Fett’s captivity, he eventually earns the right to create and wield his own gaffi stick. In 9 ABY, Boba Fett skillfully and brutally wields the weapon against stormtroopers on the planet Tython.

Behind the Scenes

The gaffi stick is inspired by the totokia, a wooden war club or battle hammer from the Pacific Island Fiji. The design features a spiked ball behind a spear (“beak”) capable of piercing an individual’s skull. The weapon is also known as a beaked battle hammer or pineapple club. The totokia’s textured end that is actually modeled after a fruit called pandanus rather than a pineapple.

Gaffi Stick in Real Life

Fans may construct their own prop of the weapon for display or cosplay. Search Google or another search engine to find several DIY Gaffi Stick tutorials. Another option is purchase a custom made gaffi stick from an Etsy seller. These custom prop replicas typically range in price from around $100 to $200+ (as of January 2022). Some Etsy sellers also offer an STL file for purchase. You may use the file to 3D print the parts to construct your own prop.

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