11 Neopixel Lightsaber Companies You Should Know About

Neopixel lightsabers, sometimes called Plecter Pixel Sabers or simply Pixel Sabers, are some of the most technologically advanced and realistic lightsabers on the custom saber market today. Neopixel lightsabers are bright, offer RGB color changing customization along with extensive, customizable effects.

Let’s examine 11 neopixel lightsaber companies you should know about. The list is in no particular order. Please research a company and its products before purchasing from them.

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https://benduarmory.com | https://www.etsy.com/shop/BenduArmory
United States

Bendu Armory primarily makes carbon fiber lightsaber hilts along with a couple aluminum hilts. A QuickSwap chassis allows the user to swap the hilt electronics from one hilt to another on the fly. Bendu Armory neopixel sabers are equipped with a Plecter Labs Nano Biscotte V4 (NBV4) or Plecter Labs Crystal Focus 10 (CFX) soundboard. The company sells neopixel saber blades separately as well.

Bendu Armory neopixel lightsabers
Bendu Armory Copper Obsidian Carbon Fiber lightsaber (left) and AT and AT-Shoto aluminum lightsaber (right) | IMAGE CREDIT Bendu Armory


https://www.etsy.com/shop/Saberforge  | https://saberforge.com
Location: United States

Saberforge offers neopixel as an upgrade on their Hero Tier Sabers. Saberforge neopixel sabers are equipped with a Golden Harvest V3 board. The company makes an extensive selection of character inspired and non-character inspired designs.

Saberforge neopixel lightsabers
Saberforge Prodigal Son (left) and The Count (right) | IMAGE CREDIT Saberforge


https://www.etsy.com/shop/Sabertrio | https://sabertrio.com
Location: Malaysia

Sabertrio calls their neopixel sabers ‘Neo Sabers’. Sabertrio Neo Sabers are equipped with Plecter Labs Crystal Focus 10 (CFX) soundboard. The company offers seven different hilt designs. Although none of the Sabertrio hilts are directly character inspired, the designs often incorporate familiar and recognizable lightsaber hilt features. Optional weathering and etching options are available. Sabertrio has developed a reputation for being extremely communicative, responsive and transparent with their customers.

Sabertrio Neopixel lightsabers
Various Sabertrio lightsabers | IMAGE CREDIT Sabertrio


Location: United States

Vader’s Vault calls their neopixel sabers ‘Plecter Pixel Sabers’ or ‘Pixel Sabers’. Vader’s Vault Pixel Sabers are equipped with a Plecter Labs Crystal Focus 10 (CFX) soundboard. The company offers both character inspired and non-character inspired hilt designs. The company offers extremely detailed and realistic weathering options ranging from Light Weathering to the rusted looking Relic Weathering. The company offers a selection sabers with a of slimmed down, ergonomic, and balanced design called Combat Class Sabers.

Vader’s Vault is highly regarded in the custom saber community for making high quality midrange to high end custom sabers. The company has a reputation for maintaining excellent communication and overall customer service with its customers. Vader’s Vault periodically offers a popular Ready To Ship (RTS) promotion where the company a limited number of pre-built lightsabers that ship within a few weeks.

Vader’s Vault Ardent Elite (left) and Mitsurugi 3K (right) | IMAGE CREDIT Vader’s Vault


Location: Hong Kong

The Pach Store offers an assortment of neopixel sabers, including budget friendly neopixel models like the Bors the Dragonslayer lightsaber. The Pach Store neopixel sabers are equipped with a Proffieboard or Asteria soundboard. The Pach Store sells hilts from Ultimate Works and WonderForce along with some OEM lightsabers. Some hilts are character inspired and others are not. Some hilts are limited runs and others are unlimited runs.

Ultimate Works Bors the Dragonslayer lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT Ultimate Works


https://sabermach.com | https://www.etsy.com/shop/SaberMach
Location: Singapore

SaberMach offers the affordably priced Templar Neopixel Saber along with a selection of midrange to high end saber designs. SaberMach neopixel sabers are equipped with a KS soundboard, Plecter Labs Nano Biscotte V4 (NBV4), or Plecter Labs Crystal Focus 10 (CFX). Some hilt designs are character inspired and others are not.

SaberMach Photon G4 lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT SaberMach


Location: Canada

Electrum Sabercrafts makes 9 designs of Smart Sabers with a neopixel configuration. Electrum Sabercrafts neopixels sabers are equipped with the proprietary Diatium 3 soundboard. All Electrum Sabercrafts sabers are Bluetooth equipped allowing the user to change color, sound, and effects settings on the fly.

Electrum Sabercrafts hilt designs are not directly character inspired, however, they exhibit familiar features similar to character hilts. All Electrum Sabercrafts sabers are equipped with a signature touch switch. Although some users have found app usage a bit buggy, the company actively works on bugs and has developed a reputation of being helpful and responsive with customers.

Electrum Sabercrafts Allegiant Smart Saber (left) and Aurora Smart Saber (right) | IMAGE CREDIT Electrum Sabercrafts


Location: United States

Korbanth specializes in custom character inspired neopixel sabers. The company calls their neopixel sabers ‘Neo Pixel Sabers’ and equips the sabers with a Proffieboard. Korbanth releases limited runs so the available hilt designs rotate over the years.

Korbanth Darkness Folding Lightsaber Hilt (left) and MPP 2.5 Lightsaber Hilt (right) | IMAGE CREDIT Korbanth



Genesis Custom Sabers makes five midrange to high end production series neopixel sabers along with high end custom commissions that cost $2000 or more (Note: Genesis Custom Sabers no longer accepts commissions). Genesis Custom Sabers neopixel sabers are equipped with a Plecter Labs Crystal Focus 10 (CFX) soundboard. The curved-hilt Badaxx lightsaber is a particularly eye-catching and popular design. Genesis Custom Sabers usually runs a Ready to Ship promotion each year on May 4th (Star Wars Day) so buyers can receive a lightsaber order faster.

Genesis Custom Sabers Badaxx lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT Genesis Custom Sabers


Location: United States

The Custom Saber Shop (TCSS) is an established ‘one-stop-shop’ for lightsaber parts, supplies, some empty hilts, and neopixel saber parts. The company sells Plecter Labs neopixel capable boards like Crystal Focus 10 (CFX). If you’d like to build or your own neopixel lightsaber or purchase parts for a commission, The Custom Saber Shop one of the largest dedicated custom saber parts stores in the world.

Lightsaber hilt kits and parts from The Custom Saber Shop | IMAGE CREDIT The Custom Saber Shop


Location: United Kingdom

JQ Sabers offers a selection of neopixel sabers. JQ Sabers neopixel sabers are equipped with Proffieboard. The available hilt models may vary over time.

JQ Saber lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT JQ Sabers

* * *

There are several alternative ways to acquire a neopixel saber. You could purchase a neopixel saber second hand on eBay, Facebook or elsewhere on the internet. You could install an empty hilt yourself as a DIY project. Finally, you could commission a sabersmith to complete a neopixel installation for you as well.

A few additional neopixel lightsaber companies:
AC Lightsabers (Etsy) Malaysia
ArgentumSabers Germany [also on Etsy]
Dark Force Custom Sabers (Etsy) United States
eBay (various sellers)
Kaizen Saber Canada
RGVCustomSabers (Etsy) United States
RipperBlades United States ‘Pixel Rippers’ and other neopixel blades
RogueArsenal (Etsy) United States CLOSED
The Saber Armory (by KR Sabers) United Kingdom neopixel parts and installation services

For a more comprehensive list of neopixel lightsaber companies, visit SaberSourcing’s List of Neopixel Lightsaber Companies.

Cover image depicts neopixel sabers from various companies. The photos are from their respective companies.

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