How to Choose a Lightsaber Stand: What You Should Know

If you’re shopping around for a new lightsaber stand, there are three main stand qualities to consider: size, stability and style.

First, I’m going to introduce the stands in the article. As a disclaimer, most of these lightsaber stands are from Etsy sellers that provided me the stands for free and this article contains affiliate links. The vertical stand and the stand that says ‘Star Wars’ are from Outer Rim Sabers (Etsy). The wooden stand in the back is from CrutchfieldWoodShop (Etsy). The metal stand in the far back is from SaberWars (Etsy). Finally, the two piece acrylic stand is from Ultrasabers.

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1. Lightsaber Stand Size

You always need to make sure that size of the stand matches the size the lightsaber hilt you intend to display.

One nice thing about the Ultrasabers Two Piece Saber Stand is the stand can accommodate a lightsaber of just about any size. The stand is adjustable in length, since it’s comprised of two pieces. The Ultrasabers stand could work with shoto hilts (very short hilts) or longer saber staffs. Also, the stand forks that support the hilt are very wide in diameter, so the stand could work with both small diameter hilts and large diameter hilts.

The Outer Rim Sabers ‘Star Wars’ stands uses a smaller diameter fork, so certainly larger hilts, like Ultrasabers Guardian, may be too wide for the stand to comfortably support.

The distance between the stand forks is also important. The CrutchfieldWoodShop stand forks are placed farther away from each other than the forks on any of the other stands, so the CrutchFieldWoodShop stand may not work as well with a shoto hilt.

2. Lightsaber Stand Stability

All of the stands featured in the video are quite stable with solid bases. Many of the stands use a high surface area base. The Outer Rim Sabers vertical stand uses a triangular base. Don’t assume all lightsaber stands are stable. Sometimes vertical stands in particular can be a bit wobbly due to design. Other times, the base of the stand isn’t entirely flat on the bottom. Read product reviews and ask the sells detailed questions before purchasing the stand, if you have any doubt about its stability. You don’t want your lightsaber tipping over.

3. Lightsaber Stand Style

Choosing a style could be as simple as selecting a vertical stand versus a more common standard horizontal stand, which changes the presentation of the hilt. Some curved lightsaber hilts, like the Saberforge Bane MK1, look nice with vertical stands and can sometimes rest in an odd position on horizontal stands.

It’s also important to examine specific design elements of the stand like color, lettering, texture, material, etc. Most stands use neutral colors like: black, white, gray or clear. Some stands will use additional accent colors, especially in logos. Some stands use logos or lettering, others stands do not. A wooden stand has an organic, natural feel while a metal stand can seem sleek and industrial. You can select a style of stand to complement or contrast your lightsaber hilt or simply pick one that looks cool to you. The choice is yours.

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Stands Featured in the Article [CONTAINS AFFILIATE LINKS]

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Ultrasabers Two Piece Saber Stand

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