Black Friday Cyber Monday 2021 Lightsaber Sales and Discounts

Here are Black Friday Cyber Monday 2021 Lightsaber Sales and Discounts from various lightsaber companies. Some sales have already started! Share the page with a friend and check back frequently for additions and updates in the coming days. Please comment below with additions or corrections.

UPDATED 11/28/2021 12:49pm Eastern

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5280 Concepts United States seller
ends November 29, 2021
The Little One empty hilt (TCW Yoda inspired) is $279 plus shipping/fees until Cyber Monday.

3DSabers (Etsy) United States seller
20% off select 3D printed hilts, stands, and wall mounts

AegisSabers (Etsy) United States seller
20% off custom sabers

$184.94 Hasbro Star Wars The Black Series Mandalorian Darksaber Force FX Elite Lightsaber (reg. $264.99)
52% off Hasbro Star Wars Mandalorian Darksaber Lightsaber Toy ($15, reg. $31.49)

AZ Sabers Switzerland seller
– Nomad B Grade → 193$ was 231$
– Nomad empty without core → 220$ was 269$
– Nomad empty with core → 230$ was 285$
– Nomad Twin Package → 429$ was 559$
– Nomad Proffie installed → 579$ was 645$
– Crystal Chamber with iluin LED kit → 188$
– Crystal Chamber → 161$

Bendu Armory United States seller
November 25 (midnight) to November 30, 2021 (12pm)
10% off carbon fiber sabers
10% off inspired sabers
15% off budget sabers
50% off sound fonts
10% off blades
“PSA: We are dumping all LGT sabers and having a fire sale on Black Friday.”

CCSabers United States seller
November 24 to November 30, 2021 11:59pm EST
$199 for CCSabers Darkness Lightsaber Hilt Empty for DIY (reg. $250)
$399 for CCSabers Darkness Lightsaber Neopixel Saber (reg. $499)
“Buy one empty CCS Darkness hilt and you will get a Proffieboard V2.2 worth $90 for FREE! No limit. Need to add a Proffieboard to your cart.”
Components BOGO sale, RGB lightsaber discounts. See Black Friday Sales Page for all discounts and details.
CCSabers also operates an Etsy Store.

Custom Diversions (Etsy) United States seller
10% off orders over $50 including empty hilts and installed custom sabers)

The Custom Saber Shop United States seller
November 25 to November 26, 2021 (11:59pm MST)
The TCSS Black Friday Sale is live now with 20% Off Sitewide! Some exclusions do apply. Orders will not begin to process until Monday 11/29 and the sale is only valid Today and Tomorrow (25th and 26th). Use code: BF21 during checkout.

Darkwolf Sabers United States seller
November 26 to December 25, 2021 (Midnight Eastern)
10% off all orders $100 or more with discount code “Holiday Wolf”

Goth 3Designs France seller
started November 1, 2021
Discounts on various store items. First come, first served.

Electrum Sabercrafts Canada seller
Started, ends November 29, 2021
Big discounts on Allegiant, Torrent, Aegis, and Neophyte Smart Sabers and 10% off all other sabers. Discounts on NeoPixel upgrades and Heavy Weathering. Free light weathering on sabers.
20% off all stand-alone Blades incl., NeoPixel Blades.
20% off all Sound Fonts
25% off all Accessories including custom stands.

Entertainment Earth United States seller
Free shipping on in stock items $25+ including Star Wars collectibles. Additional Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals to come.

Korbanth United States seller
November 26 (10am Pacific) to November 30, 2021
$75 off sabers with code BOBA
“12 new Saber hilts will be released to go along side of the currently offered products”
“TheChild will be limited; discounted release on Cyber Monday at from midnight to midnight – $50 off code is BABY”

This article contains affiliate links. If you purchase an item through some links, then SaberSourcing may receive some money at no cost to you. Thanks for supporting current and future content!
Etsy custom sabers, stands, accessories
Entertainment Earth Hasbro Force FX Lightsabers and Black Series Helmets
Amazon Hasbro Darth Vader Force FX Elite Lightsaber

Black Friday Cyber Monday 2023 Lightsaber Sales and Discounts
Disney Unveils Stellan Gios Legacy Lightsaber | New Saber Alert

KyberEtch Sabers United States seller
20% off all etch custom sabers

KR Sabers (The Saber Armory) United Kingdom seller
On or around Black Friday, KR Sabers will launch limited runs of Rey Scavenger lightsaber hilt and ‘Thrawn Hunter’ lightsaber hilt set.

Kyberlight United States seller
20% off storewide
FREE SHIPPING United States orders over $250

Origin Saber (Etsy) France seller
ends November 30, 2021
10% off entire store with coupon code BLACKORIGIN. Includes empty hilts, metal shrouds, blade plugs, etc.

The Pach Store Hong Kong seller
10% off items with discount code “BLACKFRIDAY21” (excludes new releases and pre-orders–contact The Pach Store with questions)
New Saber Release: Ultimate Works Dev-M custom saber (Ezra inspired)

Padawan Outpost United Kingdom seller
1. 10% off the whole store (apart from Mystery boxes) with code BLACK10
2. Every Saber order gets a free Saber case and Stand
3. Every order over £100 will qualify for a spin of “may the wheel of fortune be with you”.

Repulse Collectibles
November 19 to November 29, 2021
25% off all soundfonts by LINK
25% off Republic Collectibles Branded Merchandise with code “Repulse” (ONLY branded merchandise)

Ripper Blades
ends November 30, 2021
$15 off your order with promo code BLACKFRIDAY2021
Ready to Ship lightsaber blades available. Master Sword Clone on sale for $99.

The Saber Merchant (Etsy) United States seller
10% off Zero.1 empty hilts (DIY)

SaberBay (Etsy) United States seller
November 26 to November 30, 2021
10% off entire store (includes empty hilts, saber parts, accessories, etc.)

Saberforge United States seller
starts November 26, 2021 10:12am PST
“Last snd batch of the year (probably) will be going live on black friday. Will also have 700+ mystery sabers, and a chance to get free swag with your order. Not sure on the time of the release, will update when we decide.”
$99 Jade Fire lightsaber hilt (reg. $149.00) Black Friday only

SaberMach Singapore seller
November 26, 2021 10am EST (11pm Singapore time)
“Ready-to-Ship this Black Friday, the Imperil is a one-off limited time offer. Featuring a slim and sleek grip with a menacing looking shroud, the Imperil is lightweight, fully combat capable saber installed with a ProffieBoard V2.2 (single switch) with pixel blade.” SaberMach is also releasing three additional brand new sabers: Skyblazer, BlackBorn, and Crusader V2.

Sabertrio Malaysia seller
[Sabertrio Etsy store is closed]
starts November 26, 2021 at 9am EST
Sabertrio will reopen their store for the final time in 2021. Offerings include accessories and lightsabers including: stunt sabers (in-hilt LED, no sound) and neo sabers (pixel sabers). Sabertrio will also launch a two brand new hilt designs: Sologaard and Krosgaard.

On November 17, 2021 shopDisney released three new legacy lightsaber collectible sets:
Mace Windu Legacy LIGHTSABER Collectible Set
Skywalker Legacy LIGHTSABER Collectible Set
Darth Vader Legacy LIGHTSABER Collectible Set
Each new collectible set includes: hilt, blade, stand, and belt clip

SoloSabers (Etsy) United States seller
ends November 26, 2021 11:59 EST
10% off all items including DIY stunt saber kit with hilt, DIY stunt saber electronics, DIY sound saber electronics

Ultrasabers United States seller
November 12 to November 28, 2021
15% off all sabers with coupon code 15allsabers
FREE Shipping on United States orders over $250 (contiguous US only)
Addition freebie items available with coupon codes (see Ultrasabers website for details)
SEE ALSO Why Large Lightsaber Group is ‘Formally Denouncing Ultrasabers’

Vader’s Vault Black Friday Ready To Ship Promo United States seller
starts November 26, 2021 noon EST (until sold out)
Not a sale or discount, but Vader’s Vault will have a large selection of ready to ship sabers from the Vault during the Vader’s Vault RTS event! These sabers include unique one of a kind customized pieces, plus examples of most of our Combat Class line up in various build outs and price ranges. Sabers often go quickly, so plan to be available at the keyboard at Noon on Friday.

Vector Engraving (Etsy) United States seller
ends November 26, 2021 (1am EST)
40% off laser engraved wooden lightsaber hilt bookmarks

Vire Sabers United States seller
November 26, 2021 (one-day sale)
15% off sitewide with promo code “BF2021” at checkout. Free brass thumbscrew and merch with every order. Includes custom sabers, accessories and more.

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