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shopDisney launched a new Legacy Lightsaber Collectible Set line. Each set bundles together one character inspired legacy lightsaber hilt along with: an attachable blade, lightsaber hilt stand, and belt clip. shopDisney, the official online Disney store, launched three collectible sets on the website on November 17, 2021:
• Darth Vader Legacy Lightsaber Collectible Set
• Mace Windu Legacy Lightsaber Collectible Set
• Skywalker Legacy Lightsaber Collectible Set

It’s unclear if or when shopDisney may bundle additional legacy lightsaber hilt designs into a collectible set.

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Mace Windu Legacy Lightsaber Collectible Set
Mace Windu Legacy Lightsaber Collectible Set | IMAGE CREDIT shopDisney

The Legacy Lightsaber Collectible Set differs from the legacy lightsabers sold at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. Legacy lightsaber hilts sold at Galaxy’s Edge are packaged inside a clam shell, plastic storage/display box and do not include any accessories (i.e. blade, stand, belt clip).

The new Legacy Lightsaber Collectible Set packages the legacy lightsaber hilt in a different, longer cardboard box along with additional accessories including: an attachable blade, vertical hilt stand (some assembly required), and belt clip for wearing the hilt.

Legacy lightsabers are generally only available at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, with a few exceptions. shopDisney did sell a few legacy lightsaber hilt models online in 2020 due to, well….2020. Additionally, shopDisney has sold two Limited Edition sets: Jedi Temple Guard Lightsaber Hilt Set (limited to 3000) and Skywalker Legacy Lightsaber Set (limited to 3000). Both limited edition sets sold out quickly on the website.


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