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Electrum Sabercrafts is a Canada based custom saber company that sells 8 different Smart Saber designs, configured as in-hilt LED sabers or neopixel sabers. Dave Benard and Curtis Bennett co-founded the company in 2016.

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All Electrum Sabercrafts lightsabers are customizable RGBW sound sabers with Bluetooth connectivity. Lightsabers from Electrum Sabercrafts all currently run on a propriety board called Diatium 3 (D3). The company DOES NOT sell empty hilts or stunt sabers (no sound).

Elecrum Sabercrafts Evo-Flex with weathering | IMAGE CREDIT Electrum Sabercrafts

The Smart Sabers connect via Bluetooth to the Electrum Unity app. The app enables users to intricately customize the lightsaber blade color, sound effects, visual effects and other features. The lightsabers feature in-hilt battery recharging via Micro USB cord. Electrum Sabercrafts lightsabers are duel worthy in construction, with slimmed down features and a shock absorbing chassis. Note that neopixel lightsabers are designed for light to moderate dueling only.

Electrum Sabercrafts Hilt Designs

Electrum Sabercrafts offers 9 different lightsaber hilt designs: Aegis, Torrent, Errant, Remnant, Evo-Flex, Aurora, Allegiant, Neophyte and Scion. Although none of the hilts are outright character inspired, many of the designs subtly reference recognizable features of character hilts. For example, Evo-Flex features Graflex lightsaber-esque low profile bunny ears and raised vertical grips.

Touch Switch Activation

All of the Electrum Sabercrafts hilts use a touch switch, a signature and identifying feature of Electrum Sabercrafts lightsabers. The touch switch is a rectangular-shaped, touch-activated, low profile activation method. The patterns on the rectangular touch switch are similar in design to the classic clamp card.

Elecrum Sabercrafts Neophyte with closeup on touch switch | IMAGE CREDIT Electrum Sabercrafts

Outer Appearance of the Hilts

Most Electrum Sabercrafts hilts have a slimmed down appearance, ranging in diameter from around 1.1 inches to 1.4 inches. The buyer may customize the outer appearance of the hilt in several ways. The hilts offer several different hilt color and hilt accent color options, that vary by hilt (my Electrum Sabercrafts Torrent uses gunmetal gray color accents, for example). The switch plate for the touch switch comes in 9 different styles. The buyer may also select the accent LED colors for the switch’s top, middle, and bottom input backlighting. The buyer also has two optional weathering upgrades for the hilt: Light Weathering or Battle Scarring (Heavy). Finally, the buyer may optionally select a Covertec wheel (or D-ring on the Evo-Flex).

Sound Fonts

Each lightsaber includes one sound font. The Electrum Sabercrafts store offers additional sound fonts for purchase. The user can add their own sound fonts to the saber as well.

Smart Saber Feature Customization via the Electrum Unity App

Lightsaber enthusiasts may connect their Smart Saber to the Electrum Unity App via Bluetooth. The app, which may save multiple user profiles, allows customization of various features including: blade color, motion sensitivity, visual and sound effects (e.g. Force effects, clash effects and intensity, Force Effects, blaster bolt effects, unstable/flicker effects, timing, etc.).

Blades Types

Smart Sabers include a 1 inch diameter blade by default, however, the buyer can remove the blade in order to decrease the cost and lower the shipping weight. Some of the blades cost extra depending on the size and style. The blades come in three lengths: 28 inches (shoto), 32 inches (standard) and 36 inches (extra long). There are two styles of blades: standard (with a silvery, foil appearance) and Trans-White. Standard comes as thin walled (light dueling) or thick walled (heavy dueling). Trans-White is only available thin walled. Finally, a 32 inch Neopixel string blade is available as an upgrade.

Additional Accessories

Electrum Sabercrafts offers additional accessories a la carte, including a saberstaff coupler and a selection of blade plugs. Individual blades (thin walled, thick walled, and Neopixel) and some greebies are available separately as well.

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For more information about Electrum Sabercrafts, visit https://electrumsabers.com

COVER IMAGE CREDIT Electrum Sabercrafts
Image depicts an Electrum Sabercrafts Allegiant Smart Saber (left), saberstaff couplers (upper right), neopixel lightsaber blade (lower right)

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