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Saberforge has recently added a section to their website called ‘Youngling Sabers’. When I first saw ‘Youngling Sabers’ I was wondering what it could possible be since relatively recently Saberforge unveiled their Shoto Sabers (shorter saber hilts) and it seems like ‘Youngling Sabers’ would be something similar.

UPDATE 2021: Saberforge rebranded their budget saber line as ECO Sabers. The ECO Sabers use more ornate hilt designs installed with budget YDD Saber electronics.

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It turns out that the ‘Youngling Saber’ is a budget sound saber manufactured by YDD Saber. The specific hilt model, “Yddsaber(QD Soundboard)” is sold under different names by a variety of lightsaber vendors. For example, Pach Store is selling the same lightsaber with the name ‘Tiny Giant Kyojin‘ and KR Sabers is also selling this budget saber as ‘ECO Saber‘.

So Saberforge is jumping on the economy sound saber bandwagon and they’re selling this so-called ‘Youngling Saber’ for $59.99. It’s currently just accepting pre-orders, but it does make me wonder…Saberforge has added an entire section to their site so that might indicate that Saberforge is planning on bringing in additional budget sabers at some point. It’s a bit of an interesting move for Saberforge to introduce ANY kind of budget sound saber–especially one that they do not manufacture themselves. Saberforge is likely trying to compete with Pach Store and other custom saber websites that seem to be brining in a lot of business these days.

YouTube users said:
“I think they should focus on the quality of their own sabers in order to get more business. To much bad press with that company. I plan on buying some sabers soon and would rather go through some one else. But my kid want the sabers from saber forge so that is what I need to risk I guess.”
— psychowolf 5552

“Youngling = cheap YDD junk sabers” — PR A

“It’s a pass for me. Eventually the saber will brick. I would rather purchase a Disney store FX saber. It’s officially licensed, more fun, and cheaper. You can almost get two FX sabers for the price of a youngling saber.” — ro c

* * *

Do you think it’s a smart move for Saberforge to offer budget sabers? Also, do you think it’s a smart move for Saberforge to sell products that they don’t manufacture themselves?

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