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Although a lightsaber scythe has not officially appeared in Star Wars Canon or Legends material, a few similar items do appear in the franchise. A real world scythe is a long-handled agricultural hand tool with a curved, steel blade at the end. The tool, which may date back to up to 5000 BCE, is mostly commonly used for harvesting crops or mowing grass by hand.

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Laser scythe and the sickle-bladed lightsaber are the closest things to a lightsaber scythe in Star Wars
The laser scythe (left) and the sickle-bladed lightsaber (right) are the closest things to a lightsaber scythe in Star Wars | IMAGE Lucasfilm

Star Wars features two similar items to a lightsaber scythe: a laser scythe and a sickle-bladed lightsaber. As laser scythe a harvester tool featuring a long, lightsaber-like blade attached to a mechanized arm. During the Clone Wars, the Confederacy of Independent Systems repurposes the farming machine as a weapon to cut down enemy troops and vehicles.

In one Clone Wars battle, Republic forces clash with Separatists on an agriculture moon. The moon orbits the Wookiee homeworld Kashyyyk. During the battle, Grand Master Yoda takes control of a Confederacy laser scythe harvester. The Jedi uses the harvester to destroy the Confederacy’s other harvester in battle. The laser scythe first appears in the story “Seeds” in the comic book Star Wars: The Clone Wars Comic UK 6.49 (2013).

The sickle-bladed lightsaber is another similar object in Star Wars. According to legend, Darth Noctyss, a mysterious ancient female Sith Lord, wields a red sickle-bladed lightsaber. During ancient times, she journeys to dark desert planet Exegol in search of immortality. On the planet, she meets Darth Sanguis. Sanguish had achieved immortality, but became a twisted creature like Gollum from Lord of the Rings. He becomes Noctyss’ servant. The sickle-bladed lightsaber first appears in the story “A Life Immortal” in the short story collection Dark Legends (2020).

Although a lightsaber scythe does not currently exist in Star Wars, several fans have created intriguing concept art of the lightsaber variation.

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