Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Sith Wayfinder (Kyber Crystal Compatible) | New Product Alert

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Sith wayfinder has been released. The interactive display piece, which lights up and makes sound, coordinates with Galaxy’s Edge kyber crystals. Disney released the device, which is a Galaxy’s Edge exclusive, on May 4, 2023 in celebration of Star Wars Day.

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Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Sith Wayfinder

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The Lore Behind the Device

According to Star Wars lore, the Sith wayfinder is an ancient navigational device and Sith artifact. Although Sith wayfinders share many similarities with Sith holocrons, including the same iconic pyramid shape, the two devices serve different functions. A holocron is a receptacle of knowledge while a wayfinder is a navigational device.

Ancient Sith develop wayfinders in order to lead the way to the dark desert planet Exegol. The ancient dark side users craft the navigational devices using a Kathol resin frame and decorated Cybotaro waxen glass faces.

Galaxy’s Edge Sith Wayfinder Description

The Galaxy’s Edge Sith Wayfinder is a palm-sized electronic device with a pyramid shape. Requires x3 AA batteries to operate (included). Device comes inside an ancient-looking storage crate featuring the dagger-shaped Sith Eternal crest on the top lid. The collectible comes in two different color schemes: one features a dark exterior frame and the other features a light exterior frame. Note that you won’t know which color you get until you purchase the item, cut through the seal on the lid, and open the box.

How the Device Works

The Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Sith wayfinder actually functions a lot like the Galaxy’s Edge Sith holocron. How does the device work? First slide the switch on the bottom of the device to the “ON” position. Next, plug the included wire accessory into the port on one side and attach the head of the wire accessory to the panel on the opposite side of the device. Now you’re ready to use a kyber crystal! Take one of your Galaxy’s Edge kyber crystals (sold separately) and hold the piece below the wire accessory head.

As is the case with the Sith holocron, different kyber crystals will unlock different light and sound sequences within the Sith wayfinder. The device doesn’t unlock character phrases like the holocrons, however. Instead, the wayfinder unlocks planet facts.

Each crystal unlocks multiple planet facts. One of two possible voices deliver the planet facts: the voice of Darth Vader or the voice of Emperor Palpatine. Just as you don’t know which color wayfinder you’ll get until you open the box, you also don’t know in advance whether the device’s voice will be Vader’s or Palpatine’s. The color of the device does NOT correlate to a particular voice. YouTuber Nick Tierce made a nice wayfinder video demo with all of the kyber crystals and planet facts. His demo video features the Emperor Palpatine voice.

Where can I buy a Galaxy’s Edge Sith wayfinder?

The Galaxy’s Edge Sith Wayfinder is a Galaxy’s Edge exclusive item. You can only buy it from Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities within Galaxy’s Edge. Disney does not currently sell the collectible on the official shopDisney website.

If you can’t visit the park in person (or get someone to buy one for you!), you will have to purchase the item secondhand from eBay or elsewhere.

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