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Want a real lightsaber? Check out the Hacksmith Mini-Saber Gen 2. The butane-powered tool features an all-metal construction, including the chassis. Hacksmith developed the Mini-Saber Gen 2 as an adorable sibling to the company’s World’s First Lightsaber, which was officially recognized by the Guiness Book of World Records in 2020. Note that the Mini-Saber is a pocket flame-saber tool and is NOT a toy for children.

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Hacksmith Mini-Saber Gen 2 with red color changing attachment (left) | IMAGE Hacksmith

Mini-Saber Gen 2 is comprised of an all-metal construction. Two fins flank the emitter. Saber features a safety lock sliding switch, a flame-adjustment wheel and recessed ignition button, and a refueling port as the base of the saber. Machined vertical v-grooves encircle the lower part of the saber. The butane fuel tank occupies most of the lower half of the Mini-Saber.

Tool features a maximum continuous operation time of 15 minutes (duration varies based on room temperature, fuel type, and other factors). Buyer must source their own butane fuel. Mini-Saber ignites a 4-6 inch flame-blade (10-15 cm). The company offers optional, easy-to-install color changing attachments as an upgrade. Currently, only a red attachment is available. Hacksmith is developing green as well.

Hacksmith recommends the tool for camping. Note that the tool is NOT a toy and can (and will!) cut through things and set sh** on fire. Keep out of reach of children.

Hacksmith https://hacksmith.store

Hacksmith Industries, which is based in Canada, is a popular YouTube channel known for its “Make It Real” series. The program develops real life versions of fictitious items from popular franchises. In 2020, the company earned a Guinness Book of World Records award for the “World’s First Lightsaber”.

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