UK Lightsaber Sellers and Artisans You Should Know About

Looking to buy a custom lightsaber from a UK lightsaber seller? Whether you seek a display piece, neopixel lightsaber, budget friendly lightsaber, or parts for your DIY lightsaber project, this is the list of United Kingdom companies you’re looking for! Let’s explore custom lightsaber offerings from 12 different UK stores.

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1. Volt1987

Lightsaber Types: metal hilts for display/cosplay
Price Range: budget friendly

Volt1987 crafts several budget friendly variations of the Skywalker lightsaber hilt and Darth Vader lightsaber hilt. The hilts are for display or cosplay purposes only and are not designed to accept an electronics installation for sound or blade lighting. The company does make some hilts with a decorative, illuminated crystal chamber (a 9V battery powers the accent lighting).


2. 7 Chambers

Lightsaber Types: empty hilts for DIY, limited runs
Price Range: midrange

7 Chambers produces limited runs of empty hilts. The hilts may serve as a display piece or accept an electronics installation. The company’s hilt designs are inspired by both popular and niche character lightsabers.

7 Chambers lightsabers

3. Revan Sabers

Lightsaber Types: empty hilts, stunt saber (no sound), sound sabers, neopixel sabers, commissions
Price Range: midrange, high end

Revan Sabers constructs custom, handcrafted, one-off lightsaber designs and offers various electronics installation options. The artisan lightsabers are hand machined on a lathe. Previous designs having included features and accents like: shrouds, weathering, etching, etc. The company offers a Mystery Box Saber, which is a one-off design installed as a stunt saber (no sound). The design is a mystery to buyer until they open the box upon the saber’s arrival.

Revan Sabers

4. KR Sabers

Lightsaber Types: empty hilts, limited runs, parts and accessories, commissions (installs and customizations)
Price Range: midrange, high end

Since its 2013 founding, KR Sabers has grown to become a major innovator and contributing force to the lightsaber community in the UK and around the world. The company accepts commissions for custom saber installations and customizations. KR Sabers also releases limited runs of character inspired empty hilts and produces the extremely customizable, ‘blank canvas’ style hilt the KR Sabers Flagship V2.

KR Sabers sells soundboards and wide selection of lightsaber parts and accessories in their store as well. Lightsaber enthusiasts may also find helpful lightsaber building and customizing tutorials on the KR Sabers YouTube channel.

KR Sabers lightsaber hilts

5. DC Sabers

Lightsaber Types: empty hilts, stunt saber (no sound), sound sabers, neopixel sabers, commissions
Price Range: midrange, high end

DC Sabers sells their own handcrafted lightsabers empty or installed with electronics (stunt saber, sound saber and neopixel saber options available). Many hilt designs exude an ancient, Old Republic era-esque sensibility. Brass accents, etching and wraps adorn many of the hilts as well. The company weathers many of their hilts as well.

DC Sabers Knight of Gondor lightsaber

6. Vaults of Valhalla

Lightsaber Types: empty hilt customization, especially acid etching and leatherwork
Price Range: high end

Vaults of Valhalla specializes in intricate and ornate empty hilt customizations, particularly acid etching and leatherwork. The company accepts commissions on projects and occasionally auctions off creations, including a viral Lord of the Rings themed design that sold for £2000. Vaults of Valhalla commonly customizes versatile, ‘blank canvas’ style hilts like the popular KR Saber Flagship V2 lightsaber hilt.

IMAGE CREDIT Vaults of Valhalla

7. Force Sabers UK

Lightsaber Types: stunt sabers (no sound), sound sabers, blades, blade plugs, parts and accessories
Price Range: budget friendly, midrange

Force Sabers UK offers a variety of made-to-order hilt designs within the budget friendly to moderate price range. The company creates handmade stunt sabers (no sound) and sound sabers. All sabers are base lit (i.e. in-hilt LED).

Force Sabers UK

8. JQ Sabers

Lightsaber Types: empty hilts, installed sabers, parts and accessories for DIY
Price Range: midrange

JQ Sabers, a trailblazing custom saber company in the UK, specializes in offering a selection of empty hilts along with accessories and parts for DIY lightsaber projects. The company sells some installed sabers as well. JQ Sabers is an official retailer of Plecter Labs soundboards. The company also stocks Modular Hilt System V1 and V2 (MHS V1 and V2) parts from United States based The Custom Saber Shop (TCSS). Fun fact: the “JQ” in JQ Sabers stands for “Jedi Quartermaster”.

JQ Sabers

9. Padawan Outpost

Lightsaber Types: sound sabers, xenopixel sabers (i.e. budget neopixel), neopixel sabers
Price Range: budget friendly, midrange

Padawan Outpost emphasizes budget friendly custom saber offerings, ranging from base lit sound sabers to xenopixel and neo sabers. The company also sells Mystery Box Sabers and a selection of parts and accessories, including interchangeable saber pieces in the Variable Hilt Component (VHC) system. Padawan Outpost is a United Kingdom based reseller of OEM lightsabers and manufactured by LGT Saber Studio.

Padawan Outpost
IMAGE CREDIT Padawan Outpost

10. Demonhunter Bricks

Lightsaber Types: full size lightsaber hilts for display (made from LEGO pieces)
Price Range: midrange

Demonhunter Bricks designs and sells custom kits for constructing a full size lightsaber hilt made from genuine LEGO pieces. Each kit arrives unassembled and includes all of the required LEGO pieces to build the respective character’s lightsaber hilt. Demonhunter Bricks sends the buyer a PDF with building instructions.

IMAGE CREDIT Demonhunter Bricks

11. Skywampa

Lightsaber Types: specialty parts and accessories for lightsabers
Price Range: midrange

Skywampa offers a selection of parts for customizing or completing the construction of a lightsaber hilt. The store sells parts including: clamp cards, D-rings, crystal chamber parts, T-track grips, screws, and ‘power cell’ battery decals. The decorative decals wrap around a lightsaber battery. The decals make the battery look less like a battery and more an ‘in-universe’ power cell from a galaxy far, far away. Cool idea.


12. Oakwood Props

Lightsaber Types: 3D printed hilts for display (handpainted and weathered)
Price Range: midrange

Oakwood Props creates full size, 3D printed lightsaber hilts. The company paints, weathers and finishes the hilts by hand. As hilts 3D printed from PLA filament (i.e. plastic), Oakwood Prop lightsabers are much lighter weight than metal hilts. The hilts are detailed, static display pieces only and do not accepts blades or electronics.

IMAGE CREDIT Oakwood Props

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