Why people hate Saberforge: What you should know

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  1. alex says:

    I waited 5 months for my saber forge and when I got it not only did they give me the wrong charger to charge it but the charging port on the saber came out. it was not screwed in, it was glued in on a 500 dollar saber you would think it would be screwed in rigft?. this was on day one of getting it from them. and yes I also noticed the edges were quite sharp as everyone had said.i contacted them and the saber was shipped back for free to them for repairs. its not realy as loud as I had hoped for, my ultrasabers is twice as loud and twice as clear. saberorge needs better speakers.my 89 dollar saber from crimson dawn has a louder speaker and that’s not even near how much I paid for my sdaberforge. I will give them the benefit of the doubt it was a very well made saber other than those minor issues. im hoping they fix it in a timely manor its on week 2 now.

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