Star Wars Disney Parks Exclusive Lightsaber Belt Clip Review (D-Ring Style)

Rear side of Star Wars Disney Parks Exclusive lightsaber belt clip (D-ring style)

This is the Star Wars Disney Parks Exclusive lightsaber belt clip (D-ring style) that’s included with the Rey lightsaber and the Darth Vader lightsaber in the Disney Parks Exclusive lightsaber line. The Disney Parks Exclusive Kylo Ren lightsaber uses a different style belt clip designed specifically for the Kylo Ren lightsaber.

Belt Clip Design and Appearance
The belt clip is comprised of a black plastic body and metal D-ring belt clip designed to hold lightsaber hilts equipped with a D-ring (a tri-ring or other style ring could also attach to the clip). A plastic clip on the rear attaches to wearer’s pants or belt.

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The front of the belt clip features a series of four, indented stadium-shaped elements (i.e. elongated rectangles with rounded corners) on the top and a silver colored oval button on the bottom. The four shapes look like windows, grilles, or a horizontal variation of the Death Star corridor pattern.

How to Wear Star Wars Disney Parks Exclusive Lightsaber Belt Clip
Attaching the lightsaber to the belt clip is easy. Simple press and hold down the silver colored oval on the front of the belt clip. Holding down the button opens a space in the metal belt clip section, allowing the user to easily clip in a lightsaber D-ring. The belt clip is intended to be used with lightsaber hilts without the blade. Attaching a D-ring to the belt clip is a bit easier than attaching a D-ring to standard, keychain style D-ring belt clip.

Compatibility with Custom Lightsabers
The belt clip is compatible with most custom lightsabers that use a D-ring, tri-ring or other style of ring. The belt clip is not compatible with lightsabers equipped with a Covertec wheel. Remove the blade from the lightsaber hilt before attaching it to the belt clip.

Where to Find Disney Parks Exclusive Belt Clip
The Disney Parks Exclusive lightsaber belt clip (D-ring style) is a bit hard to find since it ia only available bundled with the Rey Lightsaber and Darth Vader Lightsaber in the Star Wars Disney Parks Exclusive lightsaber line. The belt clip is not available for purchase separately, although it’s possible someone could sell the belt clip separately on eBay or in lightsaber Facebook groups and forums.

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