Saberforge Forum shuts down permanently on April 30, 2018

If you’re tried visiting the Saberforge forum in the past month, you’ve reached an error page that says something like, “This site cannot be reached”. Maybe initially you thought there’s something wrong with your computer or internet connection, but unfortunately, the popular and helpful Saberforge Forum is permanently closed, as of April 30, 2018. Saberforge hasn’t done the best job communicating the demise of the forum. They could at least redirect the website to

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Many lightsaber enthusiasts are disappointed with the abrupt closure of the Saberforge forum. The forum had developed a loyal following and many threads provided useful product reviews, lively lightsaber discussion as well as electronics and DIY troubleshooting.

A big benefit of message boards, like the Saberforge Forum, is they are more search engine friendly (i.e. threads show up in Google search results). Social media posts designed to be much more transient and ‘in the moment’ like a news feed, which makes finding older topics more challenging.

The historical Saberforge forum does live on through its page, however. That means you can still check out some of the threads you bookmarked in the past. There’s no guarantee that captured ALL of the Saberforge forum threads, nevertheless many threads have been preserved.

Saberforge allegedly shut down the forums because they no longer wanted to maintain them or pay for hosting and preferred. Forums and message boards are becoming antiquated as companies and fan groups shift over to social media websites like Facebook and Instagram. closed their message boards several years ago and shut down their forums in 2017. Saberforge may also prefer controlling their brand image through Facebook rather than trying to patrol forums.

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Saberforge Forums on*/

SaberForge Forum is No More (Taken Offline by SF Owner)

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