Lightsaber Clamp Card vs Bubble Strip

Lightsaber clamp card vs bubble strip; which do you prefer on a lightsaber hilt? Does it really just depend on the specific hilt model? Let’s compare the two most common types of activation plate styles.

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Both clamp cards and bubble strips are commonly associated with Star Wars: Original Trilogy style lightsabers. The main similarities between a clamp card and a bubble strip is both are rectangular in shape and are located in the activation box area of a lightsaber hilt.

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Lightsaber Bubble Strip
A bubble strip is a clear plastic piece with a series of small ‘bubbles’ protruding from the top. The bubbles in a bubble strip give the piece a more rounded, and three dimensional feel. Early bubble strips used in Star Wars Original Trilogy lightsaber props were taken from the display screen areas of 1970s era Texas Instruments Exactra 19 or Exactra 20 calculators.

The selection of bubble strip designs is limited. Sometimes bubble strips will use different numbers of bubbles, but almost all bubble strips are somewhat similar in appearance and are comprised of a clear, rectangular piece of plastic featuring a series of ‘bubbles’.

Lightsaber Clamp Card
Unlike a bubble strip, a lightsaber clamp card feels much more flat and two dimensional in appearance. Most clamp cards look like a printed circuit board (PCB) and feature a colored background (often green, black or clear) and metallic gold colored or metallic silver colored accent marks. Early clamp cards used in Star Wars Original Trilogy lightsaber props were Otis elevator cards.

Various sellers offer a wide variety of clamp card designs. Slothfurnace is one of the most well known clamp card makers with the widest selection of clamp card designs.

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Do you prefer bubble strips or clamp cards?

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