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Do Ultrasabers lightsabers include a blade?

Do Ultrasabers lightsabers include a blade? Since a blade is crucial component of a functional, duel worthy lightsaber, buyers often want to know whether they can expect a blade to come along with the hilt.

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Almost all Ultrasabers lightsabers purchased directly from Ultrasabers DO include a blade. Most Ultrasabers lightsabers allow the buyer to select from various lightsaber blade lengths, types (Ultraedge or Standard), thicknesses (midgrade or heavy grade), and tips (rounded or pointed) during checkout.

Only ONE Ultrasabers lightsaber on the ENTIRE WEBSITE gives buyers the option to remove the blade from their order: the Ultrasabers Grab Bag Saber. Although the Grab Bag Saber includes a blade by default, a buyer may choose to remove the blade from the order to save $15.

Ultrasabers allows buyers to select ‘No Blade’ for Grab Bag Sabers to save $15. Image Credit: Ultrasabers.com

If you purchase Ultrasabers lightsabers used, don’t assume the lightsaber will include the blade. Sometimes people sell lightsabers without a blade on eBay, in forums, or elsewhere.

If you do purchase from Ultrasabers directly, expect that the lightsaber will almost always come with a blade, UNLESS you’re getting a Grab Bag Saber AND you specifically select ‘NO BLADE’ from the drop down menu.

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