Ripper Blades Celebrates 1000th Lightsaber Blade Made

Ripper Blades, a United States-based lightsaber blade company famous for its flat acrylic blades, celebrates its 1000th blade made. After successfully selling lightsaber blades through lightsaber forums, Gary and Vee Ripper first launched Ripper Blades as a business in December 2016.

Ripper Blades are all made by hand, some featuring highly detailed and intricate designs. “It can get a bit scary knowing you depend on others to decide to purchase your hand made art to live,” Gary Ripper said in a Voyage LA interview in February 2018.

Ripper Blades continues to innovate new styles of lightsaber blades and plans to release Ripper hilts and full swords and knives in the future.

Ripper Blades Etsy store [AFFILIATE LINK]:

Ripper Blades website

Meet Gary Ripper of Ripper Blades in Riverside (Voyage LA interview)

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