Wooden Mystery Box Lightsabers Offered by Etsy Seller RayGunsByMatty Makes

RayRunsMattyMakes mystery box lightsaber

Mystery Box lightsabers are hot sellers from custom saber manufacturers Ultrasabers and Saberforge. Etsy seller RayGunsByMattyMakes [AFFILIATE LINK] offers a different kind of Mystery Box lightsaber: a handmade, artisan display piece for about $35, plus shipping from Ireland. How the Mystery Box works is you receive one lightsaber chosen at random by the seller. Most of the … Read more

Ripper Blades Celebrates 1000th Lightsaber Blade Made

Ripper Blades flat acrylic lightsaber blade

Ripper Blades, a United States-based lightsaber blade company famous for its flat acrylic blades, celebrates its 1000th blade made. After successfully selling lightsaber blades through lightsaber forums, Gary and Vee Ripper first launched Ripper Blades as a business in December 2016. Ripper Blades are all made by hand, some featuring highly detailed and intricate designs. … Read more