NEVER buy a lightsaber with a Paypal personal payment

If you’re purchasing a used lightsaber online through a lightsaber group or forum NEVER send a personal Paypal/’Friends and Family’ payment to the seller–ALWAYS pay for the item as ‘Goods and Services’. If you send a personal payment to the seller, you’re forfeiting ALL of the Paypal buyer protections. If something goes wrong with your order, then there’s nothing you can do about it. You won’t get your money back.

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Additionally, sending a personal payment to seller is circumventing the Paypal rules. Paypal does not want you to send payments as personal payments if you’re paying for goods and services. Personal payments are intended for sending money to friends and family.

As a buyer, protect yourself by selecting ‘Good and Services’ because if something goes wrong, you could easily lose hundreds of dollars or more. It’s not worth the risk.

Some online sellers will request personal payments occasionally. The sellers may even try to guilt you into sending a personal payment or entice you with a discount because the seller saves money on fees. Paypal charges at least 2.9% + $0.30 for each transaction (they charge a higher rate for international orders).

If the seller is pressuring you to send a personal payment, understand what you’re giving up. You’re giving up all of your clout and all of your buyer protections from Paypal. If you’re not OK with that, just tell the seller that you will send payment as ‘Goods and Services’ because you don’t want to give up your buyer protections.

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