Lightsaber Mug Review and Demo | Lightsabers Appear with Heat

lightsaber mug

This is the heat activated lightsaber mug [AMAZON AFFILIATE LINK] you may have seen on Amazon. A black backdrop wraps around the white ceramic mug. The mug features ‘Star Wars’ written in large, block text at the top. A series of 13 lightsaber hilts encircle the bottom of the mug, each labeled with the name of … Read more

What is NSR? (Lightsaber Terminology)

lightsabers from various companies

NSR is a commonly used term in lightsaber forums, in the r/lightsabers subreddit, and in lightsaber Facebook groups like The Vault: A Custom Lightsaber Community. NSR means ‘Not Saber Related’. A user will label a post as ‘NSR’ in order to let others know that the topic is NOT related to the lightsaber hobby in … Read more

Darth Cephalus Unveils Holocron Run | New Product Alert

Darth Cephalus holocrons

Darth Cephalus, a lightsaber enthusiast who runs a lightsaber-themed YouTube channel, released images of his custom Jedi and Sith holocron run. Holocrons, sometimes called datacrons, are palm-sized information storage devices used by both Jedi and Sith within the Star Wars universe. The information contained within the holocron could only be accessed by using the Force. Darth … Read more