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Darth Cephalus Unveils Holocron Run | New Product Alert

Darth Cephalus, a lightsaber enthusiast who runs a lightsaber-themed YouTube channel, released images of his custom Jedi and Sith holocron run. Holocrons, sometimes called datacrons, are palm-sized information storage devices used by both Jedi and Sith within the Star Wars universe. The information contained within the holocron could only be accessed by using the Force.

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Darth Cephalus’ replica holocron run, which includes 10 different holocron designs, will officially open on Friday, January 10, 2019. The holocrons are cube or pyramid in shape and will light up (various color options available). Some of the holocron designs are inspired by in-universe holocrons while other mashup holocron designs take inspiration from other media and pop culture (e.g. Batman).

Darth Cephalus will release more photos, specs and pricing information about the holocron run in the coming days.

Darth Cephalus Holocron run Facebook teaser

Darth Cephalus YouTube channel

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