All of the Duros Jedi and Sith: Cad Bane’s Species

Duros Jedi only joined Star Wars Canon recently during the High Republic era publishing initiative. Duros are a humanoid species with smooth blue-green skin, a noseless face, and red or gold eyes. Duros originate from the planet Duro, a temperate planet in the Core Worlds. Clone Wars era bounty hunter Cad Bane is arguably the most famous Duros in Star Wars.

Currently, the only know Duros Jedi to exist all come from the High Republic era, the golden age of the Jedi and the Republic. By comparison to the handful of Duros Jedi, only one ancient Duros Sith Lord is known to exist. Let’s explore all of the Duros Jedi and Sith in Star Wars.

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1. Rana Kant, a Jedi Master and Jedi Council Member

Rana Kant is a High Republic era Jedi Master who dedicates her life to the Force and the Jedi Order. She takes on Stellan Gios as an apprentice, training him until he ascends to the rank of Jedi Knight. After turning down offers to join the Jedi Council on at two different occasions, Kant eventually accepts the offer and becomes a Jedi Council member sometime prior to 232 BBY.

After Nihil raiders cause the Great Hyperspace Disaster, Rana Kant participates in a crucial Jedi Council meeting. The meeting discusses the possibility of the Jedi aiding the Republic Defense Coalition in locating Nihil raiders. During the meeting Kant notes that the Jedi are currently not at war. After much thought and debate, the Jedi Council votes to intervene and assist. Jora Malli casts the deciding vote. Kant dies a short time later of natural causes. The Council gives her former Padawan, Stellan Gios, Rana Kant’s lightsaber. Gios takes his former Master’s seat on the Jedi Council.

Rana Kant lightsaber

2. Te’Ami, a Duros Jedi Knight and Pilot

Te’Ami ascends to the rank of Jedi Knight during the High Republic era. A skilled pilot of the Jedi Vector starship, Te’Ami remains calm and focused even in the midst of distractions.

Following the Great Hyperspace Disaster, Te’Ami pilots her Jedi Vector to the Outer Rim Territories planet Hetzel Prime’s Fruited Moon. Several additional Jedi accompany her. The team works to mitigate a hyperspace anomaly that’s hurtling toward the planet. Triggered by the Great Hyperspace Disaster, the anomaly threatens to the destroy the agriculture-centric Fruited Moon along with its 4 billion inhabitants.

During the mission she works together with her teammates, sensing their emotions and mentally connecting with several other individuals during the mission. The mission became more complicated after the Jedi discovered that 10 different anomalies around the system contained lifeforms within them.

During her last mission, Te’Ami worked with others to attempt to recover the flight recorder from the Legacy Run, a doomed freight vessel destroyed during the Great Hyperspace Disaster. During the mission she encounters Nihil pirates attempting to destroy the flight recorder. A Nihil missile destroys her during the skirmish.

Duro Jedi Knight Te'Ami is a skilled pilot of the Jedi Vector

3. Wishan, a Duros Jedi Master and Sculptor

Wishan, a male Duros Jedi Master, serves the Jedi Order during the High Republic era. He develops proficiency as a sculpture. The Jedi Master uses the Force to sculpt clay into a variety of objects and forms. Jedi Padawan Jabe Rann observes Wishan sculpting four statues intended as a gift for the Jedi Temple’s librarian.

Although Wishan attempts to teach the Padawan how to sculpt, the Padawan struggles and fails to sculpt Wishan’s likeness in clay as instructed. When Rann notices a Padawan trying to steal some of the sculptures, Rann manages to quickly sculpt a large and fierce krayt dragon out of clay. He successfully scares off the would-be thief, to the bemusement of Wishan.

Wishan first appears in an animated sequence during the inaugural episode of Jedi Temple Challenge, a Lucasfilm produced kids adventure game show.

Duro Jedi Master Wishan uses the Force to create sculptures

4. Darth Caldoth, a Powerful Ancient Sith Lord

Darth Caldoth is the only known Duros Sith Lord. According to legend, immediately after taking on Twi’lek Ry Nymbis as his Sith apprentice, Caldoth abandons Nymbis on the forsaken planet Simoth. While there, Nymbis becomes enslaved. The Sith Lord returns to the planet seven years later, finding his apprentice much stronger and angrier than before. Caldoth kills everyone on the planet, slaves and slave masters alike, except for Nymbis. The pair grow in power, eventually become the most powerful individuals in the galaxy. They come to despise each other as well.

When Nymbis plots to encase Caldoth in stone through a Sith stone ritual, Caldoth senses the betrayal and modifies the words of the ritual. As a result, Nymbis inadvertently traps himself in stone instead of Caldoth as intended.

Although the canon audio drama Dooku: Jedi Lost (2019) mentions Caldoth, the Sith Lord first appears in the story “Gaze of Stone” inside the short story collection Star Wars: Myths & Fables (2019).

Darth Caldoth and his lightsaber

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