Every Star Wars Episode II LEGO Set: The Ultimate AOTC Subtheme Guide and List

Sets in the Star Wars Episode II LEGO subtheme feature lots of great army-building Clone Troopers and Battle Droids along with a bevy of famous Jedi, obscure Jedi and the even the legendary famous AND obscure Jedi Bob.

Recreate all of the exiting scenes in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones leading up to the start of the notorious Clone Wars! In the words of Master Yoda, “Begun this Clone War has.” Let’s explore EVERY Star Wars Episode II LEGO set from 2002 to the present.

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23. Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Jedi Starfighter 75333

Year: 2022
Pieces: 282
Minifigures: x1 Obi-Wan Kenobi (headset), x1 Taun We, x1 Astromech Droid R4-P17
Buy from LEGO Lego.com Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Jedi Starfighter

Join Obi-Wan Kenobi on an adventure on the water world Kamino! The starfighter comes equipped with a stud-shooter on each side and a spot for R4-P17 on the left wing. Cockpit features space for one minifigure to sit. Set includes the first ever Taun We minifigure made by LEGO!

LEGO Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi's Jedi Starfighter 75333

22. Clone Trooper Command Station 40558

Year: 2022
Pieces: 102
Minifigures: x2 Clone Trooper, x1 Clone Trooper Commander (bright orange markings)
Buy from LEGO Lego.com Clone Trooper Command Station

The Clone Trooper Command Station includes two Clone Trooper minifigures and one Clone Trooper Commander minifigure (with bright orange markings). Features buildable weapons rack and commando station with control panels and curved front pieces. Set is also part of the Star Wars Battle Packs subtheme, which emphasizes minifigures and features a low piece count.

21. Microfighters Republic Gunship 75076

Year: 2015
Pieces: 105
Clone Pilot with blaster pistol
Buy: https://amzn.to/3IvQYEU

The Republic Gunship features 2 flick missiles, oversized engines, and a gray and dark red color scheme. The included clone pilot minifigure may sit in the forward mini cockpit. This set is one of two Episode II sets that are also part of the Star Wars Microfighters subtheme, which is comprised of mini-scale vehicles with exaggerated features.

LEGO Star Wars Microfighters Republic Gunship 75076

20. Microfighters Homing Spider Droid 75077

Year: 2015
Pieces: 102
Battle Droid (Dark Orange) with blaster
Buy: https://amzn.to/3hoRtEU

The Homing Spider Droid features four adjustable legs (posable) and one flick missile. The included Battle Droid minifigure may stand atop the vehicle in the mini cockpit. This set is one of two Episode II sets that are also part of the Star Wars Microfighters subtheme, which is comprised of mini-scale vehicles with exaggerated features.

LEGO Star Wars Microfighters Homing Spider Droid 75077

19. Jedi and Clone Trooper Battle Pack 75206

Year: 2015
Pieces: 102
Minifigures: x2 Clone Trooper, Ki-Adi-Mundi, Barriss Offee
Buy: https://amzn.to/3vSCpaa

Jedi and Clone Trooper Battle Pack set includes several Republic alligned minifigures: two Clone Trooper minifigures, and Jedi Ki-Adi-Mundi and Barris Offee. Also includes two stud-launching mini blasters for the Clone Troopers and two lightsabers for the two Jedi. Speeder features an opening canopy, dual stud shooters, and rotating blasters on the wingtips. Seats one minifigure. Speeder measures about 3 inches long and 4 inches wide. Set is also part of the Star Wars Battle Packs subtheme, which emphasizes minifigures and features a low piece count.

LEGO Star Wars Jedi and Clone Troopers Battle Pack

18. Jedi Starfigher with Hyperdrive 75191

Year: 2015
Pieces: 825
Minifigures: x1 Obi-Wan Kenobi (with headset), Astromech Droid R4-P17, Jango Fett, Young Boba Fett
Buy: https://amzn.to/3QtXIqp

Although LEGO has released other versions of Obi-Wan’s Jedi Starfighter, this 75191 set is the only one to feature a large hyperdrive ring as well! The Jedi Starfighter includes an opening minifigure cockpit, landing gear, room for R4-P17 (dome only) on the left wing, and two front-facing stud-shooters. Hyperdrive ring boasts big engines and spring-loaded shooters and features a convenient grab handle for holding and zooming the assembly around. Use the trigger quick release to separate the docked starfighter from the ring. Hyperdrive ring may stand on a flat surface.

LEGO Star Wars Jedi Starfighter with Hyperdrive 75191

17. Hailfire Droid 75085

Year: 2015
Pieces: 163
Minifigures: x1 Clone Trooper Lieutenant, x2 Super Battle Droids
Buy: https://amzn.to/3P9LlyY

Recreate is the Battle of Geonosis! The Hailfire Droid’s big rotating wheels enable the armored droid to maneuver over any terrain. Droid has folding side pylons, adjustable dual blaster, and four spring-loaded shooters. Hailfire Droid measures about 3 inches high, 5 inches long, and 5 inches wide.

LEGO Star Wars Hailfire Droid 75085

16. Republic Gunship 75021

Year: 2013
Pieces: 1147
Minifigures: x1 Obi-Wan Kenobi, x1 Padme Amidala, x1 Obi-Wan Kenobi, x1 Clone Captain, x1 Clone Pilot, x2 Super Battle Droid
Buy: https://amzn.to/3dj5S6I

Load up the Republic Gunship and race to rescue Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and Padme Amidala from Super Battle Droids on Geonosis! Ship features four cockpits with four seats throughout the vehicle. Counter Separatist forces with the four rotating blaster turrets and eight top-mounted launchers with flick missiles. Deploy the swoop bike by opening the side and rear doors. Ship features a handle so you can zoom the ship around the room! Republic Gunship measures about 7 inches high, 18 inches long, and 16 inches wide.

LEGO Republic Gunship 75021

15. AT-TE 75019

Year: 2013
Pieces: 794
Minifigures: x1 Coleman Trebor, x1 Mace Windu, x1 Battle Droid Commander (Dark Orange), x1 Battle Droid (Dark Orange), x1 Clone Trooper Commander
Buy: https://amzn.to/3BNkR3f

Deploy the AT-TE to recreate the Battle of Geonosis. A minifigure may pilot the vehicle from the front cockpit. The armored AT-TE features poseable legs, rotating laser turrets in the front and rear, an a rotating top-mounted cannon with two flick missiles. A cargo box inside the rear of the vehicle store thermal detonators. Use the lifting handle to easy move the vehicle around. Vehicle measures over 8 inches high, 16 inches long, and and 11 inches wide. This is the first and currently only Star Wars LEGO set including a minifigure of Jedi Coleman Trebor!

LEGO AT-TE 75019

14. Duel on Geonosis 75017

Year: 2013
Pieces: 390
Minifigures: x1 Count Dooku, x1 FA-4 Pilot Droid, x1 Poggle the Lesser, x1 Yoda
Buy: https://amzn.to/3JCClRM

Recreate the epic confrontation and lightsaber battle between Yoda and Count Dooku! The lair features are large archway, falling lamps, and a hidden compartment that may store the Death Star plans tile. Pull a lever to “use the Force” to topple the pillar. Set also includes Dooku’s speeder, which has a spot for one minfigure. Set includes Count Dooku, an FA-4 Pilot Droid, and redesigned Yoda minfigure and Poggle the Less minifigure.

LEGO Star Wars Duel on Geonosis 75017

13. Homing Spider Droid 75016

Year: 2013
Pieces: 295
Minifigures: x1 Stass Allie, x1 Clone Trooper, x2 Super Battle Droid, x1 Dwarf Spider Droid
Buy: https://amzn.to/3bFxNNK

The autonomous Homing Spider Droid features articulated legs, roatating head, moveable lower laser, and a top-mounted flick missile! Homing Spider Droid measures 7 inches high, 10 inches long, and 7 inches wide. This is the first and currently only Star Wars LEGO set to include Jedi Stass Allie!

LEGO Star Wars Homing Spider Droid 75016

12. Corporate Alliance Tank Droid 75015

Year: 2013
Pieces: 271
Minifigures: x1 Jango Fett, x1 Clone Trooper, x1 Battle Droid (Dark Orange)
Buy: https://amzn.to/3vR5ZwR

Recreate the Battle of Geonosis! The Corporate Alliance Tank Droid features a large track tire and two flick missiles. Tank Droid measures about 4 inches high, 7 inches long, and 3 inches wide. Tank Droid supports Jango Fett and the Dark Orange Battle Droid in battle while a lone Clone Trooper fights against them.

LEGO Star Wars Corporate Alliance Tank Droids

11. Clone Troopers vs. Droidekas 75000

Year: 2013
Pieces: 124
Minifigures: x1 Clone Trooper, x1 Clone Sergeant, x2 Destroyer Droids
Buy: https://amzn.to/37Iysw6

Part of the Battle Pack subtheme, the Clone Troopers vs. Droidekas set empowers you to recreate the action and excitement of the battle at the Geonosian arena. Set includes a clone trooper minifigure, clone sergeant minifigure (olive green markings), and 2 destroyer droid minfigures (aka “Droidekas”). The Buildable clone command station features a hidden flick missile and opening doors. Command station seats one minifigure.

LEGO Star Wars Clone Troopers vs. Droidekas

10. Hailfire Droid & Spider Droid 7670

Year: 2008
Pieces: 192
Minifigures: x2 Battle Droid, x1 Battle Droid Commander, x1 Super Battle Droid, x1 Dwarf Spider Droid
Buy on eBay: https://ebay.us/UQ17Y8

Hailfire Droid features eight front-facing flick missiles and two big wheels with reddish brown treads around their edges. The wheels rotate and also fold down to change the appearance of the vehicle. The Dwarf Spider Droid features articulating legs and a front-facing blaster.

LEGO Star Wars Hailfire & Spider Droid 7670

9. AT-TE 4482

Year: 2003
Pieces: 364
Minifigures: x4 Clone Trooper
Buy on eBay: https://ebay.us/Q0zP9Y

A minifigure may pilot the AT-TE behind the trans-neon green panel at the front of the vehicle. Another minifigure may sit at the controls of the rotating laser canon on top of the vehicle. Vehicle is equipped with six turret blasters: four front-facing and two rear-facing. Remove the top section of the vehicle to reveal a removable section of seats where the troopers may sit awaiting deployment in battle. The back of the AT-TE may store and transport the speeder bike with space for one standing minifigure.

This is the first ever AT-TE model released by LEGO.

LEGO Star Wars AT-TE 4482

8. Hailfire Droid 4481

Year: 2003
Pieces: 680
Minifigures: None
Buy on eBay: https://ebay.us/G0rSPO

The Hailfire Droid set is assembled from Technic pieces. No minifigures are included (or required) with this autonomous droid vehicle. Two big wheel attach to the side of the assembly. Each of two central rocket magazines may fire 15 missiles. Set also features a retractable cannon.

This is the first Hailfire Droid set released by LEGO and also the largest in size. LEGO subsequently released other smaller Hailfire Droid sets with minifigures.

LEGO Star Wars Hailfire Droid 4481

7. Geonosian Fighter 4478

Year: 2003
Pieces: 150
Minifigures: x1 Geonosian (with wings), x1 Geonosian (no wings), x2 Battle Droid Geonosian
Buy on eBay: https://ebay.us/eACdaH

Recreate the epic Geonosian arena battle with the Geonosian Fighter. Fighter features a front-facing, rotating turret. Remove the transparent inverted radar dish and place a Geonosian pilot into the ship. Note that the figure with wings will not fit. A minifigure may operate the Geonosian cannon from an adjustable platform. Cannon features 360 degree rotation and may be tilted up and down.

The Geonosian Fighter came in two box variations: the black box and the blue box. Intriguingly, neither the sand red battle droid minifigures nor the Geonosian minifigures appear in any other LEGO sets.

6. Republic Gunship 7163

Year: 2002
Pieces: 686
Minifigures: x1 Jedi Knight (aka “Jedi Bob”), x4 Clone Trooper, x2 Super Battle Droid, x1 Destroyer Droid
Buy on eBay: https://ebay.us/Bic8uV

Republic Gunship comes equipped with gun turrets and two cockpits, each with a spot for a minifigure to sit. Open the top panel to reveal some hoses and the inner workings of the ship. Two canopy half spheres fold of the primary compartment of the ship. Nice printed and stick details throughout. Fold up the cockpit section and fold out the two front sides to reveal the inside of the front of the ship!

Although LEGO made additional versions of the Republic Gunship in later years, the 2002 Republic Gunship is the only version to include the legendary Jedi Bob minifigure, the most famous obscure LEGO Jedi!

LEGO Star Wars Republic Gunship 7163

5. Jango Fett’s Slave I 7153

Year: 2002
Pieces: 352
Minifigures: x1 Jango Fett, x1 Boba Fett (young)
Buy on eBay: https://ebay.us/YpIdH9

Bounty hunter Jango Fett and young Boba Fett ride the Slave I starship. Rotate the interior cockpit by moving the tan attachments on either side of the ship. Open a cargo hold to drop ‘seismic charges’. Starship features two front facing quad cannons and two dual, rotating cannons. A small storage compartment may hold Jango Fett’s two blasters.

LEGO produced a variation of of the set with a bonus black hardshell plastic carrying case. Jango Fett’s Slave I is the second Slave I model produced by LEGO. LEGO released the first Slave I, a Boba Fett variation from the Original Trilogy, in 2000.

LEGO Star Wars Jango Fett's Slave I 7153

4. Jedi Starfighter 7143

Year: 2002
Pieces: 135
Minifigures: x1 Obi-Wan Kenobi (with headset pattern), x1 R4-P17 (dome only)
Buy on eBay: https://ebay.us/VJCihz

Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi with the help of his trusty droid R4-P17 (dome only) navigate through the asteroid field! Featuring a triangular shape and dark red and white color scheme, the Jedi Starfighter comes equipped with folding landing gear. Kenobi wields his blue lightsaber and comes with macrobinoculars.

LEGO Star Wars Jedi Starfighter 7143

3. Bounty Hunter Pursuit 7133

Year: 2002
Pieces: 241
Minifigures: x1 Anakin Skywalker, x1 Obi-Wan Kenobi, x1 Zam Wesell
Buy on eBay: https://ebay.us/QCpolJ

Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi and his Padawan Anakin Skywalker race through Coruscant to catch bounty hunter and assassin Zam Wesell! Skywalker and Kenobi ride in a yellow XJ-6 airspeeder while Wesell rides a green Koro-2 airspeeder. Kenobi and Skywalker both come equipped with their own respective blue lightsaber while Wesell boasts a blaster rifle.

LEGO Star Wars Bounty Hunter Pursuit 7133

2. Tusken Raider Encounter 7113

Year: 2002
Pieces: 82
Minifigures: x1 Anakin Skywalker with Cape, x2 Tusken Raider
Buy on eBay: https://ebay.us/NwUxdz

Anakin Skywalker emotionally confronts the Tusken Raiders in the Tusken Raider Encounter set. Kit includes an Anakin Skywalker minifigure with blue lightsaber and two Tusken Raider minifigure armed with blaster rifles. Tusken Raider encounter includes a buildable dark red speeder bike for Anakin Skywalker. The moisture vaporator assembly features a hinged section enabling you to reveal a control panel section beneath the hinge.

LEGO Star Wars Tusken Raider Encounter 7113

1. Jedi Duel 7103

Year: 2002
Pieces: 74
Minifigures: x1 Count Dooku (Darth Tyrannus), x1 Yoda
Buy on eBay: https://ebay.us/ROTa3v

Recreate the moment when Yoda confronts Count Dooku on Geonosis! The diminutive Yoda minifigure features short legs and is equipped with a green-bladed lightsaber while Count Dooku is equipped with a specialized curved-hilt red lightsaber. Both hilts features a chromed finish. Kit includes the buildable Count Dooku Flitknot Speeder Bike and a docking crane. The docking crane features an excellent range of motion rotating around a black Technic ball joint.

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