All of the Hutt Jedi in Star Wars

Hutt Jedi are extremely rare in Star Wars Legends and are not part of Star Wars Canon at all. Often stereotyped as crime lords, the Hutts are large, gastropods with wide mouths, large eyes, two short arms and a long, slug-like tail. A young Hutt matures to adulthood at around age 200 and the expected Hutt lifespan is around 1000 years.

Although Hutts are not commonly Force-sensitive, Jedi Knight Beldorion the Hutt serves the Jedi Order and the Republic sometime before 400 BBY. Beldorion, who skillfully wields a purple-bladed lightsaber, ultimately falls to the dark side during a mission. Many years later he engages in a lightsaber duel with Leia Organa Solo. Beldorion is the only known Hutt Jedi to exist.

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Beldorion the Hutt wield a purple-bladed lightsaber against Leia | IMAGE CREDIT Lucasfilm

Hutt Jedi Beldorion

Beldorion learns the ways of the Force at the Jedi Temple sometimes around 400 BBY. A Jedi Master takes on Beldorion as a Padawan. Under the guidance of the Jedi Master, Beldorion continues studying the Force and travels the galaxy until successfully passing the Trials of Knighthood and ascending to the rank of Jedi Knight.

Beldorion serves the Jedi Order for many years, successfully completing many missions on behalf of the Jedi Council. The Jedi Council dispatches Beldorion and the Jedi Knight Taselda on what would become a final mission to the desolate Outer Rim planet Nam Chorios. During the mission, both Jedi fall to the dark side and abandon the Jedi Order.

While turning to the dark side, Beldorion becomes greedy and power hungry while Taselda goes insane. After losing a lightsaber duel with Beldorion, Taselda flees the scene and continues living on the planet for many years, descending into madness and poverty. Beldorion takes control of the remote planet and rules during the time of Great Jedi Purge, unaffected and unnoticed by the emerging Galactic Empire.

Decades later in 13 ABY, Jedi Callista Ming arrives on Nam Chorios hoping to rediscover her connection to the Force. She is eventually captured. Meanwhile Leia Organa Solo, Chief of State of the New Republic, journeys to the planet on a separate diplomatic mission and is captured upon arrival. Luke Skywalker also travels to the planet in search of information regarding the disappearance of Ming.

Lightsaber Duel with Leia Organa Solo

Sometime during her capture, Leia manages to recover her lightsaber and engages in a brief lightsaber duel with Beldorion. Despite Leia’s limited lightsaber combat training experience, she outmaneuvers Beldorion. Once powerful, Beldorion’s strength and agility had diminished over the centuries. Leia defeats and kills Beldorion by slicing her lightsaber blade though the Hutt’s midsection.

How many Hutt Jedi and Hutt Sith are there?

Hutts are rarely Force sensitive. Aside from Beldorion, no other Hutt Jedi or Hutt Sith are known to exist. Although Beldorion turns to the dark side, the Hutt becomes a Dark Jedi and is not considered a Sith.

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