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Tethan Props makes ornate, custom Lord of the Rings themed lightsabers along with a selection of Star Wars character inspired lightsaber designs. The custom lightsaber hilts are comprised of 3D printed resin parts. Tethan Props is based in Australia.

Tethon Props (Etsy) https://www.etsy.com/shop/TethanProps affiliate link

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Tethan Props custom Aragorn’s lightsaber (left) and custom Gandalf’s lightsaber (right) | IMAGE CREDIT Tethan Props

Custom Lord of the Rings Lightsabers

Lord of the Rings fans and Star Wars fans alike will appreciate Tethan Props’ unique selection of Lord of the Rings themed lightsabers. The lightsaber hilts are made from 3D printed resin parts (printed resin parts are smoother and higher quality than some other 3D printed materials). The hilt parts weigh around 300 grams (about 7 oz).

The Lord of the Rings themed custom sabers contain electronics and are equipped with an LED module, but no sound. The sabers have three light modes: full, low and strobe. A USB port is situated in the handle for charging the saber. Tethan Props offers custom paint or other hilt modifications as well.

Tethan Props custom Sauron’s lightsaber (left) and Legolas’ lightsaber (right) | IMAGE CREDIT Tethan Props

In addition to making mashup Lord of the Rings themed lightsabers, Tethan Props also makes custom character inspired lightsaber hilt props. The character inspired lightsaber hilt props are detailed, 3D printed empty hilts comprised of resin.

Tethan Props has made the following Lord of the Rings themed designs:
Aragorn’s lightsaber (metallic silver or gold colored finish)
Eowyn’s lightsaber
Frodo’s lightsaber V2 (Sting) (inspired by Frodo’s sword)
Gandalf’s lightsaber (inspired by Gandalf’s wizard staff)
Gimli’s lightsaber
Glamdring lightsaber (inspired by Gandalf’s sword)
Legolas’ lightsaber
Saruman Dooku lightsaber (Saruman/Dooku mashup)
Sauron’s lightsaber
King Theoden’s lightsaber (Herugrim) (inspired by King Theoden’s sword)
Thranduil Sword Lightsaber (inspired by Elven King Thranduil’s sword)

Other Tethan Props lightsaber designs:

Anakin’s Sword lightsaber (medieval Anakin lightsaber)
Grogu’s lightsaber (custom Baby Yoda lightsaber)
Master Sword lightsaber (inspired by the Zelda Master Sword)

Tethan Props (Etsy) https://www.etsy.com/shop/TethanProps affiliate link

Tethan Props, based in Australia, makes custom Lord of the Rings themed lightsaber props along with a selection of character inspired designs. The company has been on Etsy since 2017.

Image depicts a custom Aragorn’s lightsaber (left) and a custom Gandalf’s lightsaber (right)

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