Star Wars SCREAM SABER Lightsaber Toy Review Hasbro

Star Wars Scream Saber Lightsaber Box art

The Star Wars Scream Saber Lightsaber Toy is a bizarre electronic lightsaber that lights up and play pre-loaded Star Wars sounds or custom recorded “screams” from the user. The Scream Saber was just released a few days ago on Triple Force Friday (October 5, 2019).

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The Scream Saber is different from from some of the existing Star Wars lightsaber toys. The major feature of the Scream Saber is the “scream”. The toy allows the user to record their own scream, yelp, moo, or even Owen Wilson style “Wow”. The toy plays back the custom recorded sound as a motion activated lightsaber sound.

The Scream Saber is a simple but silly lightsaber toy. The overall hilt is shaped like existing lightsaber toys, including a slanted or angled emitter at the top. The white and blue color scheme makes the hilt resemble R2-D2 (the resemblance probably isn’t a coincidence). The Scream Saber uses a blue telescoping, extendable blade, which complements the blue colors on the hilt. The lightsaber does not offer additional lightsaber blade color options. The blade does light up and make sounds.

The Scream Saber features several pre-loaded “screams” from Star Wars characters and items. You can select the pre-loaded screams by pressing yellow “Star Wars” button in the middle of the hilt. The pre-loaded screams include: Chewbacca, a TIE  fighter, Yoda, porg, R2-D2, Jabba and ewok. The Scream Saber can also play a standard lightsaber sound, if you’d like a break from the screams.

If you’d like to record your own scream or other sound, just press the red microphone button and record your custom sound after the beep. When you record your sound, the lightsaber distorts the sound by making the sound echo and pairing your custom sound with standard lightsaber swing sounds. When you press the blue button to turn off the toy, the Scream Saber still plays your custom recorded sound as a lightsaber deactivation sound. Since the Scream Saber can record any sound, your only limit is your imagination. I’m sure people will come up with some really silly sounds.

The Scream Saber is the type of toy that kids will love and parents may hate. The sounds could easily become annoying quickly. Nevertheless, kids will love creating goofy sounds and hearing the custom sounds played back as lightsaber sounds. The Scream Saber could also make a zany white elephant gag gift for adults as well.

The Star Wars Scream Saber Lightsaber Toy is manufactured by Hasbro. The electronic lightsaber toy is recommended for ages 4 and up. The Scream Saber was first released on October 4, 2019 on Triple Force Friday.

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