Are lightsabers REAL?

Are lightsabers REAL? This is a somewhat commonly Googled question. First, we need to define a ‘real’ lightsaber.

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Watch Are lightsaber REAL on YouTube

‘Real’ Hacksmith lightsaber on YouTube | IMAGE CREDIT Hacksmith

Are lightsabers that can cut through things, like in the movies, real?
If a real lightsaber needs to be able to slice a hole in the wall, then real lightsabers, as depicted in the Star Wars movies, do no exist. The Hacksmith YouTube channel did develop a ‘real’ lightsaber that could cut through a door, like Qui-Gon Jinn in Star Wars Episode I. The homemade, corded Hacksmith ‘lightsaber’ heats its blade’s metal coils up to a blistering 2500°. Lightsabers shown in the movies don’t burn hot, however, or require a cord.

Are Force FX lightsabers and custom lightsabers real?
We could also definite a real lightsaber more simply. If real lightsaber is defined as a metal hilt with a plastic blade that lights up and makes lightsaber sounds, then real lightsabers do exist. Hasbro makes an officially licensed Star Wars The Black Series Force FX lightsaber line of real lightsabers. Many other custom saber companies make real lightsabers as well, including: Ultrasabers, Saberforge, Sabertrio [AFFILIATE LINK], Electrum Sabercrafts, JQ Sabers, Kyberlight and others.

Lightsabers glow in a realistic way on camera

Why do so many lightsabers on YouTube look real?
Some of the confusion about real lightsabers may originate from YouTube custom saber videos videos. Lightsaber LEDs can illuminate the blade so it looks similar on camera to the illuminated blades shown in the Star Wars movies. In real life, lightsabers don’t look as ‘glowy’ as they do in a YouTube video. In real life, it’s much easier to see the polycarbonate tube blade.

The Verdict
Lightsabers ARE real in the sense that companies make super cool metal hilts with plastic blades that light up and make lightsaber sounds. Dangerous, hazardous real life glowing lightsabers that can actually cut through things like a door are NOT real…at least not yet.


2500° LIGHTSABER CUTS THROUGH DOOR! (by the Hacksmith)

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