What’s the most EXPENSIVE lightsaber you’re willing to buy?

What’s the most expensive lightsaber you’re willing to purchase? Lightsabers come in many different prices ranges. Toy lightsabers can range in price between around $3 up to around $50. Officially licensed Star Wars: The Black Series Force FX lightsaber retail for around $150 to $200. Many low-end to mid-range custom lightsabers with metal hilts will cost between $50 to $500. Ornately customized, technology-rich sabers by established and popular sabersmiths can easily cost $1000 or more!

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One of the beauties of lightsaber collecting is there’s a lightsaber for just about any price range. You can spend a few dollars on a cute toy saber or thousands of dollars for a masterpiece. Most adult collectors will probably get something in the middle.

Here are some common ways to increase the price of a lightsaber.

Adding Neopixel and Other Cutting-Edge Technology
These days in the custom saber community, neopixel lightsabers are all the rage. This new, neopixel technology, which is more expensive than in-hilt LED lightsabers, may be encouraging some lightsaber enthusiasts to spend more on lightsabers than they had in the past. Also, sound boards range in price and complexity, so a higher-end, feature-laden sound board would easily increase the cost of the lightsaber.

Higher Cost of Materials
Some people want to build or purchase a lightsaber using authentic, vintage components like a Graflex flashgun. Since the vintage pieces are out of production and highly sought after by collectors, acquiring vintage components can be challenging and expensive. Some metals are also more expensive than others.

Higher Quality of Craftsmanship
Some custom saber makers are known for producing higher quality lightsabers, in terms of machining, electronics installation, etc. High quality sabers generally cost more than low quality sabers, although this is not always the case.

More Customization and Higher Labor Costs
Highly customized, labor intensive lightsabers cost much more than basic, off-the-shelf lightsabers. Etching, weathering, powder coating, etc. can increase the cost of the lightsaber. Also, some of the more established and popular sabersmiths can charge higher rates than others.

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What is the maximum amount of money you would spend on a lightsaber? Which features would the lightsaber need in order to justify the higher price tag?

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