Saberforge Guardian vs One Replicas SSQy Super Stunt lightsaber

Let’s compare two Qui-Gon Jinn style lightsaber hilts from different custom lightsaber companies: a Saberforge Guardian and a One Replicas SSqy Super Stunt [Etsy affiliate link]. One Replicas makes a couple models of slimmed-down lightsaber hilts.

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The Saberforge Guardian is stunt saber (no sound) and the One Replicas SSQy is an empty hilt for DIYers. My version of the One Replicas SSQy is anodized gold. One Replicas has manufactured other versions of the hilt including: anodized black, silver, dual tone (black and silver) and orange. The only color currently available in the One Replicas store is the silver variant (as of 9/14/2018) and it’s unclear if or when the other colors will become available again..

The emitter area on the top of the two hilts is very different.

Saberforge Guardian (left) and One Replicas SSQy (right) emitter areas

Although both hilts are designed to accommodate 1 inch diameter blades, the emitter area on the Saberforge Guardian is much thicker than the emitter area on One Replicas SSQy lightsaber. I did find the One Replicas hilt was a bit snug with blade from some other custom saber companies.

The location of the blade retention screw is much higher on the One Replicas SSQy than it is on the Saberforge Guardian.

The overall design of the two lightsabers is similar. When you put the hilts side-by-side, they’re almost the same length (the Saberforge hilt is nominally longer).

The One Replicas SSQy hilt has a screw hole near the bottom of the hilt where you could

Saberforge Guardian (left) and One Replicas SSQy (right)

install a Covertec wheel. The One Replicas pommel is very different from the Saberforge pommel. Saberforge Guardian pommel is vented. The One Replicas SSQy pommel is solid, although One Replicas does offer vented pommels for sale in their Etsy store.

The pommels are NOT compatible between Saberforge and One Replicas. The threading is different. The One Replicas pommel has female threading while the Saberforge pommel has male threading.

The Saberforge hilt body is comprised of multiple pieces, including a metal shroud that covers the main body. The One Replicas SSQy body is one piece (no separate shroud). Since the shroud port is just built into the hilt, the One Replicas SSQy hilt is little more comfortable to grip. The Saberforge shroud edge sticks out a little.

The grip pattern is slightly different. The grip pattern on the Saberforge Guardian is wavier or curvier than the grip pattern on the One Replicas SSQy.

One Replicas Etsy Store [AFFILIATE LINK]

Saberforge Etsy Store [AFFILIATE LINK]

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