.45 Master Replicas Anakin Skywalker lightsaber

Beware of Master Replicas .45 mini lightsabers that look full size in photos!

If you’re looking into purchasing a lightsaber, make sure you’re aware of the scale. Although many lightsaber hilts are one-to-one scale, Master Replicas used to manufacture some smaller, 0.45 scale lightsaber hilts. Unfortunately, sometimes when people sell these scaled down hilts, the photos and description DO NOT make the smaller size very clear.

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The 0.45 scale lightsaber is considerably smaller than the one-to-one scale lightsaber so prospective buyers should scour the item’s description for terms like: mini, 0.45 scale, item dimensions, etc.

When people are selling scaled down lightsaber hilts, they really should emphasize that the lightsaber hilt is not full size. To minimize confusion and mix-ups, the seller should make the scale and size of the lightsaber clear in the listing description and in the photos. Likewise, the buyer should thoroughly read the listing and examine the photos and if they are having any doubts, contact the seller for more information or photos.

Buying a lightsaber is supposed to be an exciting and joyful experience. Some SaberSourcing viewers, however, have mentioned enduring the frustration and heartbreak purchasing mini lightsabers by mistake. If the seller presents an accurate listing and the buyer thoroughly examines the listing, then both the seller and buyer will be happier in the long term.

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