Jedi Armor: Protective Gear for Clone Wars Battle and Beyond

Jedi Armor

Jedi Armor typically refers to modified clone trooper armor worn by some Jedi during the Clone Wars. Not all Jedi of the era elect to use clone trooper armor. Nevertheless front-line Jedi military officers in particular, including Jedi Generals and Jedi Commanders, commonly choose to wear armor on the battle field for extra protection. Some … Read more

Jedi Symbol: Appearances and Uses of the Jedi Order’s Crest

The Jedi Symbol is the crest or insignia of the Jedi Order. Forming a living sunrise, the crest features two curved wings on either side of a central blade of light with star-shaped flare. The emblem features a circular shape and may shown in different colors. Some versions of the Jedi symbol add an additional … Read more