Why did Imperial Royal Arms (IRA) change names to The Rebel Armory (TRA)?

Imperial Royal Arms(IRA) and The Rebel Armory (TRA)

Imperial Royal Arms (IRA), the influential custom lightsaber forums and resource, changed their name to The Rebel Armory (TRA) in 2017. Prior to the rebranding, the group had used the name Imperial Royal Arms since 2011. Watch Why did Imperial Royal Arms (IRA) become The Rebel Armory (TRA)? on YouTube The lightsaber group likely switched … Read more

Proffieboard Lightsaber Soundboard (Open Source): What You Should Know

proffieboard lightsaber soundboard

Proffieboard, developed by Fredrik Hubinette (Profezzorn Labs), is a featured-packed, open source lightsaber soundboard with neopixel support. Launched in 2018, Proffieboard is descended from Profezzorn’s TeensySaber soundboard. As a small, feature-loaded, open source, and attractively priced lightsaber soundboard, Proffieboard is becoming increasingly popular among DIY installers, sabersmiths, and lightsaber enthusiasts in general. It’s unclear the … Read more