Ezra Bridger (Second Lightsaber) Legacy Lightsaber (Galaxy’s Edge) | New Saber Alert

Ezra Bridger Second Lightsaber Legacy Lightsaber from Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

Ezra Bridger (Second Lightsaber) Legacy Lightsaber has been unveiled. The shopDisney website began accepting pre-orders for the lightsaber in late May 2023. Ezra Bridger lightsaber is slated for released in early July 2023, around one month before the launch of the Disney+ Series Ahsoka. The lightsaber will also be available for purchase in-person at Dok-Ondar’s … Read more

Ultrasabers The Ghost Lightsaber (Ezra Inspired) | New Saber Alert

Ultrasabers The Ghost Lightsaber

Ultrasabers The Ghost Lightsaber has been released. The custom saber is inspired by the unusual Ezra Bridger lightsaber blaster pistol (sometimes cheekily called the ‘Stapler’ lightsaber). Ultrasabers offers the hilt in four finishes: Ghost (green blaster mount), Azure Ghost (metallic blue blaster mount), Ghost LE (gold blaster mount), Dark Ghost (tactical black blaster mount). The … Read more

What is a lightsaber blaster? | Lightsaber Terminology

A lightsaber blaster is a hybrid lightsaber variation that includes a built-in blaster pistol. In Star Wars Canon, Ezra Bridger constructs and wields a blue-bladed lightsaber blaster prior to building his second lightsaber, a green-bladed lightsaber with a more traditional single-hilt design. A lightsaber blaster is a rare lightsaber variation since Jedi generally do not … Read more