Exar Kun Lightsaber (Double-Bladed) | Lightsaber Profile

Exar Kun lightsaber

The Exar Kun lightsaber is a double-bladed lightsaber wielded by Exar Kun. Exar Kun is an Old Republic era Jedi turned Sith Lord. The Exar Kun lightsaber is first referenced in Star Wars Canon in Star Wars Gadgets and Gear (2019). The lightsaber first appears in Star Wars Legends in the comic book Star Wars … Read more

What is a dual-phase lightsaber? | Lightsaber Terminology

dual-phase lightsaber

A dual-phase lightsaber is a lightsaber variation with an adjustable blade length. Darth Vader’s lightsaber is a versatile dual-phase lightsaber, according to Star Wars canon. Dual-phase lightsabers use two kyber crystals in order to allow the wielder to lengthen or shorten the lightsaber blade length to suit the situation. The blade may be adjusted quickly, … Read more